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SourceDay Cares: Brady’s Bridge 1st Annual Golf Tournament

SourceDay team at Brady's Bridge 1st Annual Golf Tournament SourceDay team at Brady's Bridge 1st Annual Golf Tournament

As part of our SourceDay Cares initiative, SourceDay is honored to have sponsored the 1st Annual Brady’s Bridge Golf Tournament. Brady’s Bridge is a non-profit that is creating after school programs for kids with special needs. 

When Brady entered Kindergarten, we found there were no programs or daycare facilities that would enroll him.We knew we had to do something, not just for us, but for other families facing the same challenges.

Tabitha Fry (Brady’s Mom/Brady’s Bridge Founder)

So many amazing people came together to support a great cause and we were thrilled to be a part of the event by sending a team of four to the course.

The SourceDay team’s performance on the course was nothing to write home about. Our team members finished with a final score of 6 under 66, right in the middle of the pack. Golf aside, the true meaning of the day was to bring together an incredible group of people in support of Brady and the millions of kids like him.

Learn more about Brady’s Bridge and its mission! #ChangeLives #SourceDayCares

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6 Benefits of Purchase Order Collaboration

Customers using SourceDay Customers using SourceDay

Looking to transform your procurement team’s purchase order process? Read on to learn 6 ways PO collaboration can improve your company’s ability to manage risk, drive collaboration, and impact your bottom line.

Since 2015, SourceDay has been disrupting the world of direct-spend procurement with cloud solutions for manual Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Request For Quote, and Quality Control processes. Our mission is to help manufacturers and suppliers remove waste and inefficiencies from their supply chains. Here are just a few of the benefits of transforming your PO process.

1. Work Smarter

By automating day to day tasks like tracking open orders or updating PO lines, procurement teams can spend more time on strategic planning. Instead of spending time tracking all POs, you can devote more time to working with suppliers and problem solving specific PO issues.

2. Mobile PO Management

Push notifications for acknowledgments and alerts for late orders allow buyers to easily manage POs while on the go. Quickly find PO updates and browse all communication between buyers and sellers organized in a single dashboard.

3. Avoid Costly PO Errors

Avoid costly data entry errors on POs. Suppliers can import data directly from SourceDay into their system without manual entry. All PO updates are automatically transmitted back to your ERP in real-time so you can always operate with 100% accurate data.

4. Improve Delivery Times

Every time a supplier makes a change, such as a due date, the buyer has the option to approve or reject the change. With accurate data and improved communication, you can do a better job forecasting deliveries.

5. Master the Art of Inventory Management

The supplier PO dashboard mirrors the buyer’s view keeping your supply chain in sync with your business requirements. Anticipating the market’s need and only ordering what is required to do business helps keeps your overhead low. Streamlining inventory management means higher profit margins and less risk.

6. Make Better Business Decisions

Data is the cornerstone of sound business decision-making. Having access to real-time data can help with decision making and avoiding costly mistakes.

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Can Your Company Survive Without Communication?

Communication in the Workplace Blog Image Communication in the Workplace Blog Image

The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a survey in 2018 to try and estimate the negative effects of poor communication in the workplace. Of the respondents, 52% said that poor communication added significant stress to their workday and 44% percent said that a lack of clear communication led to delays or failure to complete projects. Even worse, 18% responded that they lost sales due to ineffective communication.

Even though our communication tools are more advanced than ever, effective internal and external communication is still challenging for many companies. What are the effects of poor communication between your manufacturing organization and your suppliers? And most importantly, how can you overcome them?

Avoid the Pitfalls

Missed Purchase Orders
In the short-term, missed orders mean you may have to pay for expedited shipping or an expedited rush fee to your supplier. After paying for last-minute transportation costs, you’re left with thinner profit margins and stuck spending cash that your business can’t afford to throw away. In the long-term, missed purchase orders can risk damaging your reputation with your customer.

Changes To Purchase Orders
POs are always in flux. Vendors are constantly changing details like quantity, price and due date on purchase orders. Is your ERP data accurate so your company can make adjustments to production schedules? How quickly are you able to capture these changes with your suppliers and update your ERP?

Quality Issues
Real-time communication over quality issues with your suppliers is critical to keeping rejected materials out of your inventory. Supplier quality issues can hurt your organization if customers’ orders are impacted. Knowing a supplier’s quality ratings, timeliness, responsiveness, and price are key data points that can help you when comparing RFQs and choosing a supplier to work with.

Employee Frustration
Frustration has been dubbed the silent killer of productivity. Employees need the proper tools to be productive. When orders are missed, production schedules are thrown off. As a result, management often needs to adjust work schedules and account for periods of decreased productivity while waiting for a missing part. In the long term, these changes can impact your bottom line and lead to an increased turn over rate for your employees.

SourceDay Can Help
Companies have many tools at their disposal to improve communications such as email, fax, text, chat, and internal networks. However, with so many sources of information, details are often overlooked or ignored. The solution is a single unified platform that enables buyer and supplier collaboration through access to real-time data. With SourceDay, you can manage all of your suppliers or buyers with streamlined communication, easy to read data and PO status updates in the form of push notifications. SourceDay provides real-time information critical to a manufacturing company’s survival, including:

  • PO status updates including vendor acknowledgment
  • Past due tracking
  • Alerts for “at-risk” items
  • Shipped item tracking & historical data
  • Supplier scorecard data including reliability, quality rating, price variance & responsiveness

Contact us to learn more about how SourceDay can streamline communication for your business and create collaboration between your buyers and suppliers!

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SourceDay Named A Fastest Growing Company in Austin – Thanks to You!

At SourceDay, it’s always been our goal to help manufacturers and distributors improve their supply chains and grow their businesses. In the process of doing that, we’ve managed to grow and scale a little bit ourselves.

Actually, more than just a little bit!

We’re pleased to announce that Growjo, which tracks and indexes the fastest growing companies in the world across geographies and industries, has named SourceDay to its Fastest Growing Companies in Austin list for 2019.

It’s fair to say that we couldn’t keep growing without you, our amazing customers and partners, who rely on us to be able to trust their supply chains and deliver for customers on time.

We want to keep growing and we want you to keep growing, too. Stay tuned for upcoming news about new SourceDay products and services that will help us both accomplish that goal.

Feel free to give us a shout by emailing contact@sourceday.com.

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SourceDay Team Joins Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

SourceDay is excited to sponsor the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in two weeks! You have lots of great ways to spend your time in Phoenix, and we hope to see you at one of the events Team SourceDay will attend:

  1. Hear Jean-Louis Marin (VP of IT) from Napoleon Products explain how they freed their buyers from spreadsheets and emails and improved on-time shipments by 15%. Marin will explain how a global team manages thousands of POs through SourceDay’s platform, preventing ERP data errors and reducing costly surprises in their factories. Attend on Monday, May 13, at 2:00pm, in Grand Sonoran F – Level 1.
  2. Get to know our team at Booth #427. We’ll share how we transform supplier collaboration and ensure on-time delivery of the right parts at the right price.
  3. Everyone who attends our session or visits our booth will be entered into a drawing to win a premium Napoleon Rogue 525 SB Grill. We want to give away one of our favorite products from one of our favorite SourceDay customers—just in time for your summer barbecues.
  4. Join us for Happy Hour! We will be at the Exhibit Showcase Networking Reception on Monday, May 13, from 5:30-7:00pm in Grand Canyon Ballroom, Level 1.
  5. We’re curious to see if Arizona barbecue holds a candle to our favorite Texas barbecue. Join us at the Tierra Madrew Lawn for mingling and BBQ on Tuesday, May 14, from 7-9pm.

And if none of these times work for you, feel free to schedule a meeting with us by emailing contact@sourceday.com.