Inventory Control and Purchasing Made Easy

Inventory Control and Purchasing Made Easy


A major problem for manufacturing companies is inventory control.  Having excess parts and materials in stock ties up working capital and not having the materials needed can shut down operations.  It’s a tricky balance.

While traditional Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP systems help balance supply with demand, problems with inventory control remain.   A deeper look shows purchasing departments waste a significant amount of time on routine purchasing tasks like issuing purchase orders and not enough time on critical material issues that impact inventory value and production schedules. With SourceDay, routine purchasing tasks can be automated, freeing your purchasing department to deal with critical material issues.

SourceDay allows your organization to automate purchase order creation, past due purchase order updates, and change notifications to suppliers quickly, without a stream of e-mails, faxes or phone calls.

If you you need to stay informed about materials on backorder, SourceDay automates delivery date updates without having to manually make continuous requests to an entire list of vendors.

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