Spooky Supplier Portals, SpiceWorks & More [Video Chat]

SourceDay and SpiceWorks joined forces on Halloween for a video chat discussing the top reasons users and suppliers get spooked by a bad portal experience, and how to find a better way.

Watch as Dell’s Senior Manager of Global Programs Elie Sayegh, and SourceDay’s CEO Tom Kieley, sit down for a virtual, IT-focused conversation moderated by SpiceWorks‘ Justin Ong

Supplier portals can be a nightmare for IT professionals, but they don’t have to be. In the full video chat, Why Bad ERP Supplier Portals are a Nightmare for IT, Kieley and Sayegh deep dive into several topics including:

  • Top reasons supplier portals fail
  • How to drive supplier adoption 
  • Ways to improve supplier ERP data quality
  • Modern methods to streamline supplier collaboration 

Supplier adoption can be a constant worry and time suck for IT pros when dealing with supplier portals. In the full video, Sayegh discusses why this doesn’t have to be the case and how a cloud-based partner like SourceDay can be the key to success with suppliers. 

Honestly, adoption with SourceDay has been a non-issue across the board. 99.9% of our vendors have adopted it and love it.

Elie Sayegh, Senior Manager of Global Programs at Dell
SourceDay CEO Tom Kieley (left), SpiceWorks Moderator Justin Ong (top right) & Dell Senior Manager of Global Programs Elie Sayegh (bottom right)

In recent years, Dell has been focused on modernizing its supplier collaboration process. Sayegh and SourceDay have been a massive part of that transformation. With Sayegh at the helm of implementation, and SourceDay’s cloud platform working as the engine of their supplier portal, Dell has been able to globally scale their new approach.

Check out a few spicy moments from the Q&A portion of our SpiceWorks video chat.