SourceDay, Supplier Collaboration, and EDI

SourceDay, Supplier Collaboration, and EDI


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We often get asked how SourceDay, a supplier portal, and EDI solutions compare. It’s a great question. EDI has been around for a long time and is a great way for businesses to transfer electronic data files between systems without human involvement.

How SourceDay and EDI Compare?
As we mentioned in a previous blog, EDI has limitations. For the supply chain, it’s expensive, thus difficult for all suppliers to adopt. It can also break with the smallest changes in data types, fields, and formats. Lastly, it involves a significant amount of IT resources to set-up, manage, and support.

SourceDay, on the other hand, is inexpensive for your suppliers to adopt. In fact, it’s free for suppliers and easy to set-up, learn, and use. SourceDay is a cloud-based system, thus IT resources aren’t necessary. If you can use Facebook, you can use SourceDay.

How Do SourceDay and EDI Work Together?
The question about SourceDay versus EDI is misleading. In fact, SourceDay is a great complement to EDI and vice versa. If used alone, EDI is a delivery system for confirmation of purchase orders and invoices. Purchase orders sent via EDI are difficult to expedite, pushout, update, and cancel. Therefore, procurement teams often find themselves reverting back to emails and spreadsheet reports to manage EDI orders. Supplier collaboration and supplier performance are missed. All of these issues can be solved by adding SourceDay to EDI.

When used in conjunction with EDI, SourceDay can enhance EDI POs by offering a single-user interface to collaborate on both EDI and non-EDI purchase orders. SourceDay quickly lets you communicate with the supplier on one or many EDI orders and the communication is captured in an audit log, so anyone needing updates and access to pending EDI orders has the information they need. Using SourceDay with EDI, procurement teams can eliminate the need for emails and spreadsheets.

Additionally, using SourceDay combined with EDI allows procurement teams to score all of their suppliers’ performance. Your suppliers can see their scorecards in SourceDay, whether they’re transacting business via EDI formats or in SourceDay itself.

In short, using the combination of EDI and SourceDay can provide the convenience of transmitting orders and invoices electronically between systems, providing a method to easily, manage, track, and collaborate with your supply chain on all purchase orders.