Supply Chain Management-A Growing Opportunity

Supply Chain Management-A Growing Opportunity


Successful companies today rely on ERP solutions to keep their goods and services flowing to the marketplace as quickly and efficiently as possible. Extending ERP solutions to the cloud might just be the answer to helping your valuable supply chain management associates centralize their processes and seamlessly communicate with their vendors.

There are a variety of benefits to streamlined procurement which include:

Reducing Costs

The resources used in manual processes are greatly reduced, thereby reducing costs. An effective automated SCM system plans for materials to be purchased from the lowest cost provider possible at exactly the right time to ensure there is no excess or deficiency in the material. Your business will be protected by eliminating mistakes and managing change.

Improved Collaboration

With an advanced planning system, you will be able to see the position of both your raw materials and finished products by tracking both your suppliers and distributors.

All participants can share important information in real time. Instant communication and data-sharing will help keep all the key partners informed so that supply chain processes can run as smoothly as possible.

Cycle Times

Cycle time is the time it takes to turn over a product from raw materials, send it to your distributors to sell, and make enough money to purchase new raw materials. Since the cycle starts with the purchase of new materials, taking too long to obtain them will result in a decrease in operations and revenue.

With an effective SCM system, you will have a smooth and effective cycle time. It will ensure that raw materials are provided as needed allowing production to go on continuously.

Sourceday extends traditional ERP systems to the cloud eliminating many time consuming business tasks. A well selected supply chain management system like Sourceday will enable businesses to have greater control of their supply chain processes and materials. Contact us to create your free account and add an automated system that will increase efficiency and bring greater value to your business.