Supply Chain Management Benefits All Companies Involved

Supply Chain Management Benefits All Companies Involved


Supply chain management involves the entire process from creation of products to providing them for an end user. It consists of combined efforts from a variety of organizations. This is what represents the supply chain. Managing a supply chain involves working with each company that influences the supply chain activities and produce products for an end user.

According to an article in Business Week Magazine, “Supply chain management…the acquisition of parts and raw materials, from purchasing to delivery…have caused the academic community to take notice, with more students majoring in the subject and more programs offering courses and concentrations in it.”


Key to any company effectively managing a supply chain is the development of plans to monitor resources during the creation process. This can often be done by developing a set of metrics. This can make supply chain management more efficient and cost effective. Ordering the right amount of materials and producing the correct amount of product is the goal.

Supply Chain Software

When the internet first became popular supply chain management software was only able to help a company determine customer demand and help supply chains be more effective. Today software has been developed so companies around the world are able to manage their supplies, creation as well as distribution along a vast network. All companies involved in product creation are now able to be connected with software.

Team Effort

One of the biggest issues companies need to work on is how much to share with other companies when it comes to supply chain management. The challenge is to provide necessary information that could benefit everyone involved, but not to reveal too much. When companies are able to work together, the suppliers will know how much materials to order, manufacturers are then able to purchase the right amount of goods and empty retail shelf space decreases.

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