Use Your ERP System to its Fullest Potential by Adding an Automated Purchase Order System

Use Your ERP System to its Fullest Potential by Adding an Automated Purchase Order System


Your organization has invested in an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), but are you maximizing its technology to the fullest potential?  Adding an automated purchasing system to your ERP will unleash the power for each person who participates in the purchasing process to access important decision-making data and create opportunities for savings in your supply chain.

Combined with an ERP system, an automated purchasing system provides the following benefits:

  • Centrally communicate with suppliers
  • Negotiate better pricing on supplies
  • Better monitor costs of products and materials purchased from vendors
  • Streamline inventory and purchasing
  • Eliminate errors from manual entry requisitions
  • Shorten fulfillment times
  • Increase the efficiency of the ordering process for purchasers by showing a variety of pricing options and approved vendors, saving time in the overall procurement process

Additional savings will result from reducing the administrative costs. Purchasing is streamlined as technology is used to automatically complete requisitions and purchase orders reducing the amount of administrative time with better accuracy.

Automation also helps to bring down the COGS (costs of goods).   A centralized purchasing system standardizes RFQs / RFPs and increases competition resulting in better prices or discounts, along with greater options for contract negotiations.

A collaborative purchasing automation solution offers an opportunity to improve on inefficiencies by extending the capabilities of your ERP system.  For more information on integrating an automated purchasing system with your ERP, please contact us to learn more.