Making Your Procurement More Customer-Obsessed

It’s time to upgrade your procurement process. Modern procurement leaders face new and emerging challenges to their traditional priorities of cost and risk. With these new challenges, the importance of a “customer-obsessed enterprise” is a nonnegotiable.

Join guest speaker Duncan Jones, Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst, and SourceDay to how about new procurement priorities. We share how CPO’s are using modern software to help their organizations meet customers’ rising expectations for innovative products, high quality services, and ethical, sustainable supply chains.

What to Look Forward to:

Request access to the joint Forrester Research webinar to gain insight in:

  • Mitigate risk with your suppliers
  • Use artificial intelligence to learn about your customers
  • Leverage software to transform direct procurement and supplier management

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We can see shipping dates, shipping confirmations, what orders are hot and which vendors need a prompting - all in one place, visible to all stakeholders.
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