• SourceDay is the only procurement management software specifically made to solve the most common challenges manufacturing and distribution companies face in managing their direct spend.
  • Now, with the SourceDay Mobile, procurement leaders and their teams have the ability to manage procurement from anywhere at any time from their smart phones.
  • Users will have quicker access to view, acknowledge and communicate on procurement data, where the data is being consumed, for endless collaboration. No other solution brings greater execution and visibility into the procurement and PO lifecycle while reducing risk, costs and delays.
  • No barrier to universal collaboration
    The supply chain runs in multiple locations, geos, and time-zones, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What happens when your buyer is in the US, but the supplier is in India? Now, conflicting work schedules are not a problem. Procurement teams can use their smartphones to process and manage procurement orders in real-time in the palm of their hands.
  • Increased productivity and immediate action
    With SourceDay Mobile, buyers become more proactive. Immediate action and urgent items can be addressed as soon as the notification shows on your smartphone.
  • Instant access and greater visibility
    The supply chain operates on the production floor, in offices and warehouses. Now procurement and their suppliers are no longer tethered to their desks and computers. The app gives buyers instant access to the status of every line item of every order. Problem areas are quickly identified, such as unacknowledged POs, late items or PO changes. Order changes are highlighted for buyers to “accept” or “reject” with one click.

The Result

  • Flexibility to conduct manufacturing and distribution business anywhere regardless of location, country or time zones
  • Limitless and closer buyer/supplier partnerships and collaboration anytime, anywhere
  • More proactive supply chain performance that equals better customer support and more efficiency
  • Immediate action, urgent items can be addressed as soon as the notification shows on your smartphone

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