FAQ Video Series #2

SourceDay FAQ Video: Supplier Onboarding with Director of Customer Success Christine McAvoy

SourceDay Director of Customer Success Christine McAvoy walks through our supplier guarantee, how we onboard suppliers, the support we give to suppliers and more in this FAQ video.

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Q: Do you offer a Supplier Guarantee? What is it?

A: We do! In the first year of your contract, SourceDay guarantees to onboard 70% of your direct spend suppliers.

Q: What is your supplier onboarding process?

A: Our Supplier success team handles all the communication and training for suppliers. We’ll reach out, train them, and provide resources. Then, we help prioritize your suppliers so we’re focusing on the ones who really matter. It’s important to note that SourceDay is completely free for suppliers, no matter how many users they need. And no matter how many suppliers you add or change later, we’ll handle their onboarding as well!

Q: How do you get suppliers to use the system?

A: First of all, we listen. A significant amount of SourceDay’s functionality has been developed based on supplier experience and feedback. We survey suppliers several times each year, and we’re always making improvements. On average, suppliers spend less than 11 minutes each day in our solution, while taking action on thousands of lines. This approach has been incredibly successful: in our last supplier survey, 80% of respondents said SourceDay saves them time, provides better collaboration with buyers, and provides better visibility into POs.

Q: What ongoing support do you provide to suppliers?

A: The supplier journey is always ongoing, and it’s a critical part of our customer relationships. Whether it’s adding a contact or a new supplier company, SourceDay’s Supplier Success team will be there no matter what. Based on our regular polling, we’ve learned that suppliers overwhelmingly prefer walkthroughs and help articles they can access on-demand. If they prefer chat or email, our awesome support team is available for that as well. And for the few who prefer interacting live, we host periodic “Office Hours” where suppliers can join a virtual meeting and ask questions directly.