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Mott Corporation

How the semiconductor company improved OTD by 34% and reduced their PO management workload by 25%.

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We needed a one-stop shop to communicate with our suppliers on quantity, price, and dates—instead of emails back and forth with POs.

Mott Corp., Director of Strategic Sourcing

The Customer

Mott Corp. builds the best filtration and flow control products in the world. Their products are used in the production of semiconductors (for that smartphone in your hand), and they help life-saving medical devices work. Their products are also in outer space, helping the most advanced space vehicles explore the universe. And looking to a future of net-zero emissions, Mott Corp. will be instrumental in producing the next generation of fuels.

Founded in 1959 by metallurgist Lambert “Bud” H. Mott, the company has created over 30,000 engineered solutions and has customers in nearly 100 countries.

The Situation

Mott Corp. has an awesome team of seven:

  • One director
  • Three buyers, who are the primary SourceDay users
  • Two procurement engineers
  • One supplier quality engineer

The Mott Corp. team set out looking for a single solution they could use to communicate with suppliers about quantity, price, and dates. Emails were not cutting it any more; the back-and-forth was too time-consuming and the overall process was far too tedious to even track. Their entire process was “wrought with error.”

We needed a one-stop shop to communicate with our suppliers on quantity, price, and dates—instead of emails back and forth with POs.

Director of Strategic Sourcing
Mott Corp.

The Change

To overcome the oppressive workload, The Director of Strategic Sourcing considered hiring another buyer to the team, to the tune of a $90-110,000 salary. She and the team deliberated these and other options for about six months, then decided on SourceDay.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 25% reduction in each buyer’s daily workload
  • 90% customer OTD one year later
  • No more lost POs
  • Buyers are no longer overworked
  • Better supplier communication and performance

The SourceDay Solution

Buyer adoption was quick. They saw the potential and were ready to get started. Supplier adoption was sticky for some right away, and SourceDay’s personalized on-boarding program got the rest onboard in no time.

Buyers now send push-out dates through SourceDay, and suppliers are notified within the solution. No more searching through inboxes or waiting days for a supplier to get back from vacation and find a wandering email.

And automatic three-way matching has eliminated PO errors, improving OTD from suppliers and to customers.

SourceDay saves Mott’s buyers hours and hours of clerical work while costing only a fraction of a new salary.

We asked the Director of Strategic Sourcing what she would do if SourceDay disappeared tomorrow:

How would we ever keep track of all of these POs? Especially now that our business is growing??

The Conclusion

Mott Corp’s. story is just one more testament to the benefits of automating the PO process. The improvement to customer OTD alone is enough to move the needle, but when you consider the costs of burnout, attrition, and additional salaries, Mott is definitely coming out on top.

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SourceDay provides PO Collaboration solutions to manufacturers, distributors, retailers and supply chains all over the world. We do more than save time and money; we transform procurement’s value proposition within the company.

Mott Corporation

As the only filtration brand that offers full service, custom designed products across all markets, we obsessively engineer filters and fluid flow products.

We combine design expertise for thousands of applications with the power of cutting edge technology to create highly engineered products just for you.

Our products are crafted with the highest reliability in the world, delivered with the best lead times to you, at a great value.

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