How Much Can SourceDay Save You?

Driving The Bottom Line

Even efficient manufacturing companies using modern day lean processes face unexpected expenses, risks, and challenges with supplier management. In fact, every purchase order sent is an opportunity for a mistake, generates overhead cost, and adds risk
to manufacturers. Supplier mistakes cost organizations $100Ks – $1Ms annually in expedites, overtime, and various other indirect costs. To find out what supplier mistakes and late purchase orders are costing your organization complete our calculator

At SourceDay, we help customers minimize supplier side expenses and risk by improving suppliers performance by 30% or greater.

Cost Saving

Gather the information below and the savings table will show you what your company can start saving today by using SourceDay

Approximate Savings

PO Lines Created Per Year
Percentage Late PO Lines 0%
PO Lines Late Per Year 0
Cost Associated With Late PO Lines
Total Cost Per Year Of Late PO Lines
SourceDay Increase In Ontime PO Lines 30%
Cost Savings With SourceDay On Late PO Lines