Accounts Payable Collaboration

Accounts Payable Collaboration

Stop the bottleneck of inaccurate invoices and mismatched receipts and take advantage of early payment discounts with your suppliers. Digitize every invoice and verify that every invoice is complete. Automatically 3-way match vendor invoices with your purchase orders and what you actually received on the loading dock.

Key Features

Digital invoices

Upload your suppliers’ invoices and SourceDay will convert them to digital information for easy processing.

3-way match

Automatically compare invoices to POs to receipts.

Automatic vouchering

Matched invoices are instantly vouchered in your ERP, and suppliers are informed at each stage as you process their payment. Quickly processing supplier invoices means you can take advantage of early payment discounts.

How it works

SourceDay automatically compares POs, receipts, and invoices to quickly identify and help you resolve discrepancies. Filter by status and track the lifecycle of any receipt in a single dashboard. In the AP dashboard, you can arrange your view to clearly see mismatched and pending items, so it’s easy to resolve any issues.

Accounts Payable Product Screenshot

You can see when each invoice is automatically matched to the corresponding purchase order and receipt at the loading dock. Once the 3-way match is complete, vouchering takes place automatically.

The power of AP & PO Collaboration

AP is not the cause of the matching problem. It’s just where the problem is discovered. To truly solve the issue, you have to go to the source – your PO process. Changes to purchase orders are not always captured by your ERP, which causes inaccurate data. Combining PO Collaboration and AP Collaboration into one common platform, SourceDay dramatically increases the number of matching POs and invoices. 

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