Start-Up Lessons Learned Along The Way – SourceDay Book

Start-Up Lessons Learned Along The Way: Our SourceDay Journey

Tom Kieley & Clint McRee

Tom & Clint’s first-person narrative about launching SourceDay is here! They write their separate stories, but their journey was (and still is) unmistakably together.

The content is supply chain specific, but the lessons learned are useful to anyone who had the gumption to launch a start-up. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, or if you just love to read struggles-to-success stories, this book is for you.

Start-Up Lessons Learned Along the Way: A Look Back with Tom & Clint

SourceDay founders Tom & Clint look back on some of the history of SourceDay through photos from old offices, conferences attended, and first customers. Take a look at a small glimpse of SourceDay’s history!

Read the official book launch press release here.

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About Tom Kieley

Tom and his co-founder, Clint McRee, started SourceDay to transform how manufacturers, distributors, and retailers collaborate with their suppliers to solve the same supply chain challenges Tom and Clint experienced early in their careers. At the time of publishing, SourceDay has helped over 250 customers and 16,000 suppliers globally improve visibility and collaboration in their supply chains.

About Clint McRee

Clint co-founded SourceDay in 2015 because he had supply chain issues. Realizing he had two career strengths, selling enterprise software and running a manufacturing company, he decided to combine them and chase his dream of being an entrepreneur and building a SaaS business from the ground up. Clint joined forces with Tom Kieley to help companies suffering supply chain woes.

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