What the Duck?! Another Supply Chain Podcast

What the Duck?!

Another Supply Chain Podcast

What The Duck?! is just another supply chain show, or is it?

Join Sarah Scudder, the Marketing Maven of SourceDay, and go together on a wild ride as Sarah talks to industry pioneers and supply chain leaders to discuss the ins and outs of direct spend supply chain.

So what the duck are you waiting for? Tune in and follow What The Duck?! NOW!

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Episode 7: How to Get Suppliers to Adopt New Supply Chain Software with Daniel Lueck

Buyers are sellers, too! Daniel Lueck believes that buyers also have to sell to suppliers to be a partner with their company, especially when adopting a new software solution. Dan is a Strategic Sourcing Manager at Provisur Technologies with 35 years of supply chain experience on his belt. He will be joining Sarah and will be sharing his experience on how to get suppliers to adopt new supply chain software and many more!

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Episode 6: INSIGHT-OUT: Learning the Benefits of PO Process Automation with Lindsay Smith

To automate or not? That is the question. Many people are not too open to the idea of automating their processes, and the same goes for people in supply chain, particularly in purchase orders. This is why we have Lindsay Smith. He is the Solutions Principal for Manufacturing Industry at Insight, and he will be talking with us about the benefits of having an automated purchase order process.

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Episode 5: BEATING AROUND THE BUSCH: Understanding The Political Supply Chain With Jason Busch

Open yourself up to the world, and the possibilities are endless. Sarah welcomes Jason Busch, the Founder, and CEO of Spend Matters, to talk about Political Supply Chain. Jason ain’t duckin’ around as he knows his stuff, bringing a whole new world in the understanding chain even more.

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Episode 4: ARE YOU INFOR A CHANGE? Let’s Talk Operational Process Improvements with Michelle Rydman

Nothing is permanent but change—and the same goes for companies. Change must be adapted in order to have operational process improvements, and Michelle Rydman, Senior Director of Product Management of Infor, is the perfect guest for that. Michelle will be sharing her story and the ins and outs of operational process improvements.

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Episode 3: INTO THE DANGER ZONE: Effectively Managing The Dangers Of Single Sourcing With Darlyne Freedman

Having a single supplier for your business is only convenient because you only need to talk to one party, but when the going gets tough, it can cause delays and problems. You gotta have some backup suppliers, and there’s no one better to share this experience than Darlyne Freedman, VP of Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, and Co-Manufacturing for Ruiz Foods.

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Episode 2: ‘Tis the Season! Colby Young on How to Manage Seasonal Supply Chain

‘Tis the season to be jolly as Colby Young, VP for NetSuite Business Unit of SourceDay jingles the bells in the pod with Sarah Scudder. Sarah welcomes Colby as they talk about the role of technology in the supply chain, the dangers of single-sourcing, and managing seasonal supplies.

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Episode 1: What the Duck?! Who is Sarah Scudder and What is This Show About

Sarah Scudder kicks off her show by letting people know who she is, what she does, and what in the world is on her mind on launching this podcast. Sarah is the CMO of SourceDay, but she is so much more than that. Get to know more about her with guest host Sheyna Webster, in this first-ever episode of the What The Duck?! podcast!

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