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Join Sarah Scudder, the Marketing Maven of SourceDay, and go together on a wild ride as Sarah talks to industry pioneers and supply chain leaders to discuss the ins and outs of direct spend supply chain.

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Season 1: Episode 67

USING YOUR ERN-TUITION: Supply Chain Dynamics and Strategic Sourcing with Ernie Hernandez

In the episode of What the Duck?! Another Supply Chain Podcast, Sarah introduces Ernie, a long-time friend with a non-traditional career path that began in the army, leading to a specialization in supply chain management. Ernie’s journey includes roles in consulting, biotech, and logistics, offering insights into strategic sourcing and supply chain challenges in various industries. The discussion delves into his experiences in biotech, the intricacies of working in a highly regulated industry, and his time at HD Supply focusing on distribution and logistics.Tune in to hear Ernie’s career advice, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and adapting to industry needs.

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Season 1: Episode 66

DICEY DECISIONS: Clear-Cut SOP Strategies with Dyci Sfregola

Dive into the dynamic world of supply chain management with What the Duck?! Another Supply Chain Podcast, where host Sarah Scudder is joined by the insightful Dyci Sfregola. Together, they unravel the complexities of direct material procurement and the transformative power of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Dyci, a seasoned growth consultant, shares her wealth of experience and actionable strategies for small to midsize manufacturers to streamline their processes and boost ROI. With a focus on the essential CIPO framework and practical tools for operational clarity, this episode is a treasure trove for those looking to refine their approach to supply chain before the year’s end.

Listen | Watch | Follow Dyci Sfregola | Follow Sarah | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 65

TALES OF A LONE WOLF: Building Procurement from the Ground Up with Craig Smith

In this episode of What the Duck?!” Craig Smith from the Procurement Foundry community, explores the unique challenges of managing direct material supply chains solo or in a small team. Known as a ‘Lone Wolf,’ Craig recounts his transition from marketing to procurement, highlighting the value of seeking assistance and continuous learning. The episode covers effective task prioritization in resource-scarce environments, leveraging technology for process efficiency, and the importance of cultivating robust relationships with internal teams and vendors.

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Season 1: Episode 64

FROM BROKE TO BROKER: Seeking Improvements in Direct Materials Logistics with Jose Socorro

In this engaging episode of What the Duck?! Another Supply Chain Podcast, Jose Socorro, a seasoned logistics expert, takes center stage. With a wealth of experience, Jose delves into the vital components of successful logistics management. He underscores the pivotal role of a ‘can-do attitude,’ urging listeners to embrace this mindset in the ever-evolving industry. Jose emphasizes the critical importance of on-time deliveries and gaining a realistic grasp of transportation timeframes. His insights encourage open-mindedness and the pursuit of reliable trucking partners. Drawing from his time as a logistics manager, Jose offers invaluable advice for buyers in the manufacturing sector, making this episode a must-listen for logistics enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Season 1: Episode 63

HANGING WITH THE ZHANG GANG: Exploring Sustainable Procurement and Strategic Sourcing with Jane Zhang

In this episode of What the Duck?!, host Sarah Scudder talks with Jane Zhang of Edge Sourcing about her transition from MBA to procurement, the role of procurement in business, and overcoming industry biases. Jane shares her experience in sustainable packaging and her journey into entrepreneurship, detailing the operations and focus areas of her company. She emphasizes the importance of communication in supplier management and the surprising depth of passion she found in the procurement field. The episode encapsulates insights for procurement professionals and offers advice for transitioning skills across borders.

Watch | Listen | Follow Jane Zhang | Follow Sarah | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 62

GLOBAL SOURCING GUIDE: Revealing the Complex World of International Procurement with David Alexander

In this episode of What the Duck?! Another Supply Chain Podcast, David Alexander shares insights from his role as a procurement expert. He discusses his experiences with international sourcing, emphasizing the challenges of managing supplier consolidations for smaller orders. David also highlights the importance of accurate demand planning and the consequences of discrepancies between customer forecasts and actual usage. Furthermore, he sheds light on the issues arising from port delays and shares strategies to mitigate the impact of lead time uncertainties. This engaging conversation provides a valuable perspective on the intricacies of supply chain management in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Watch | Listen | Follow David Alexander | Follow Sarah | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 61

HOW TO DUCK DISRUPTIONS: Tales of Collaboration and Adaptability with Manufacturing Experts

In a riveting episode of What the Duck, host Sarah Scudder engages in a captivating discussion with a panel of seasoned manufacturing experts – John Hantzis, Stephen Drummey, Rachel Hassall, and Nathan Cunningham. Together, they unveil a treasure trove of insights, offering a gripping narrative on conquering formidable supply chain challenges. From deftly managing customer-supplied materials to navigating the tumultuous waters of rapid expansion and surviving the tempestuous COVID-19 disruptions, they reveal invaluable lessons. Throughout this compelling conversation, a resounding theme emerges – the pivotal role of collaboration and adaptability in mastering the ever-shifting landscape of supply chain management.

Listen | Follow John | Follow Stephen | Follow Rachel | Follow Nathan | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 60

THE DVD IS BACK, BABY!: Diving into Vendor Dilemmas & Supply Chain Disasters with Denise, Vineetha and David

In this episode of “What the Duck?!” hosted by Sarah Scudder, three manufacturing supply chain experts, Denise, David, and Vineetha, share their experiences and challenges in the supply chain field. They discuss various scenarios, including dealing with unexpected stock shortages, managing inaccurate forecasts, and handling the complexities of mergers and acquisitions. Denise shares a story about recovering from inaccurate forecasting and the importance of communication, while David talks about negotiating transition support agreements during a merger. The episode highlights the need for agility, nimbleness, and strong relationships within the supply chain to overcome various challenges and ensure success.

Watch | Listen | Follow Denise | Follow David | Follow Vineetha | Follow Sarah | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 59

JONESING FOR LOGISTICS: Dupre Jones’ Unique Journey through the World of Supply Chain and Logistics

In this episode of What the Duck?! hosted by Sarah Scudder, Dupre Jones shares his unique journey through supply chain and procurement. He discusses his experiences in Germany, transitioning from government roles to project coordinator positions, and unexpected ventures into logistics. The conversation covers the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, the importance of data analytics and sustainability, and the role of technology in logistics. Dupre’s insights shed light on these complexities, providing valuable perspectives in a concise and engaging manner.

Watch | Listen | Follow Dupre Jones | Follow Sarah | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 58

A BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK: Unraveling Supply Chain Surprises with Industry Veterans

In this episode of What the Duck?! Sarah Scudder, sits down with a panel of industry experts as they share their experiences and insights into the complex world of supply chain management. They discuss various challenges, including disruptions, manufacturing changes, and supplier surprises, shedding light on the importance of proactive communication and change management. Lindsay Smith, Roz Lowe, Tim Wise and Mike Romeyn provide a candid look behind the scenes of production meetings, where teams strategize to meet customer commitments, even in the face of unexpected obstacles. The speakers also touch on the significance of maintaining humility, gratitude, and customer advocacy in the niche markets of manufacturing. Learn valuable lessons and real-world stories from the front lines of supply chain management from the experts themselves.

Listen | Watch | Follow Lindsay | Follow Tim | Follow Mike | Follow Roz | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 57

THREE’S A CROWD: Triumphs, Tangles and Tactical Wisdom with Bo Bradshaw, Mike Ryan and Sarah Hardecopf

In this episode of What the Duck?! Sarah Scudder brings together a panel of seasoned experts – Bo Bradshaw, Sarah Hardecopf, and Mike Ryan – to delve deep into the world of supply chain intricacies. They share their journeys and real-life tales, covering topics like wrangling inventory, the critical importance of precise bills of materials, nurturing supplier relationships, grappling with prolonged lead times, and even the surprising role of sales. Throughout, the theme of cross-functional collaboration shines, underlining the need for strong supplier connections and adaptability in our ever-evolving markets. This episode offers a personal touch to the vital role of supply chain management in today’s business landscape, providing invaluable insights for professionals navigating these complex waters.

Listen | Watch | Follow Bo | Follow Sarah | Follow Mike | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 56

FROM STOCK OUTS TO STOCK STARS: How to Improve Your Inventory Management with Simon Watson

In this episode of What the Duck?! with your host Sarah Scudder, we explore the intricacies of inventory management with guest expert Simon Watson. Simon shares his wealth of experience, having navigated inventory challenges in both large corporations and smaller startups. He discusses the importance of safety stock, especially in the context of supply chain disruptions caused by events like COVID-19. Simon emphasizes the significance of effective communication within the supply chain, helping partners align their goals for improved results. Join us for valuable insights into inventory management and the critical role it plays in ensuring the availability of life-saving medical devices.

Watch | Listen | Follow Simon Watson | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 55

SAVINGS WITH SEIFERT: Direct Materials Strategies and Savings with Robert Seifert Jr.

Join us in this episode of What the Duck?! as we delve into the world of procurement and supply chain management with the insightful Robert Seifert Jr. From his early days as an inventory analyst to his current role as a seasoned buyer and materials planner, Robert shares his journey filled with unique cost-saving strategies and amusing anecdotes. Discover how he navigated vendor relationships, optimized inventory control, and implemented innovative solutions, all while juggling the complexities of the food industry. Gain valuable insights into negotiation techniques, demand planning, and leveraging technology for cost savings.

WatchListen | Follow Robert Seifert Jr. | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 54

WALK THE LINE: Strategic Supply Chain Management for Global Manufacturers with Lindsey Walker

Get ready to spice up your supply chain know-how on the latest episode of What the Duck?! Your host, Sarah Scudder, is joined by the awesome Lindsey Walker, founder of Oakmont Supply Solutions. Tune in to hear them chat about everything from navigating pandemic problems like shipping snags and retail magic, to Lindsey’s tips for boosting profits without breaking a sweat. They’re all about the power of teamwork in S&OP processes and the lowdown on keeping that precious data in check. Tech talk? Yep, they’ve got it covered, and they’re even giving a shoutout to the consultants in the game. Stick around for Lindsey’s journey from regular supply chain champ to business superstar. Oh, and don’t forget to check out Oakmont Supply Solutions’ website for extra insights.

Watch | Listen | Follow Lindsey Walker | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 53

TURNING THE GEARS: Revamping manufacturing for lasting business growth with ­­­Dave Crysler

Get ready for a wild ride on today’s episode of What the Duck?! Host extraordinaire Sarah Scudder teams up with Dave Crysler, the guru of consultants and the mastermind behind the “Everyday Business Problems” podcast. They’re taking a dive into the nitty-gritty world of making businesses tick in the manufacturing sector. They kick things off with Dave’s journey through the twists and turns of printing and manufacturing. They’re breaking out the big guns and dishing on the game-changing prioritization matrices. Sounds fancy, right? But don’t be fooled, it’s all about tackling problems like a pro and supercharging how things get done.

Watch | Listen | Follow Dave Crysler | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 52

FLIGHT PLAN: Turbulent Tales of Chris Locati’s Continuous Struggle in Aerospace Parts and Materials

In this captivating episode of What the Duck?! Another Supply Chain Podcast, your host Sarah Scudder engages in a candid conversation with Chris Locati, a seasoned supply chain expert with 13 years of Aerospace experience. Delving into his unique journey, Chris reveals how he transitioned from stainless steel fabrication to his current role at Precision Aircraft Solutions. With a focus on the Aerospace industry, he unravels the intricacies of managing inventory and demand planning for aircraft conversions, especially the surging demand for narrow-body freighters. A key takeaway resonates as Chris underscores the relentless pursuit of solutions in the face of supply chain challenges, leaving listeners inspired by his unwavering determination.

Watch | Listen | Follow Chris Locati | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 51

MAN, I’D HIRE HIM: Greg Manhire Unveils Global Reverse Logistics with ERP-Free Material Procurement

In this episode of What the Duck?! Another Supply Chain Podcast experienced supply chain expert Greg Manhire delves into the challenges and solutions of managing direct materials procurement. From his time at Amazon Devices to his current endeavors, Greg shares his journey from grappling with manual spreadsheets and shortages to building a sophisticated MRP system. He reveals the complexities of scaling reverse logistics and how strategic partnerships turned failure into success. The episode underscores the importance of collaboration, innovation, and technology in modern supply chain management. Tune in to learn from Greg’s unique experiences and gain insights into optimizing procurement processes.

Watch | Listen | Follow Greg Manhire | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 50

QUACKING THE CODE: Win-Win Supplier Scorecards for Buyers and Suppliers with Justin Sayre

We’ve got a What the Duck?! episode full of supply chain excitement today with host Sarah Scudder interviewing Justin Sayre. Together, they dive into the world of supplier scorecard programs. They kick things off by spotlighting the superhero of decision-making: data. They then shift to the star of the show: setting up a scorecard program that’s all about teamwork between buyers and suppliers. It’s like choreographing a dance where the metrics groove to the company’s goals. But that’s not all – suppliers get their moment to shine as they tailor the program to their needs, forming a dynamic duo that’s all about mutual success. Discover Justin’s journey through roles like analyst, planner, and buyer, along with strategies for tackling the inventory management challenge. Brace for a curveball as they tackle industry changes, emphasizing data-driven decisions even in unpredictable scenarios. Stay tuned for more supply chain wisdom and connect with Justin on LinkedIn for even more insights. Tune in and get ready to quack up!

Watch | Listen | Follow Justin Sayre | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 49

FROM PERISHABLES TO PROFITS: Creating Effective Cross-Department Communication with Dennis Garvey

This week on What the Duck?! Sarah Scudder welcomes Dennis Garvey, President of Kentbridge Consulting, a seasoned manufacturing and supply chain professional. Dennis discusses creating effective cross-department communication, his achievements in inventory accuracy and customer interactions, and challenges in procurement. He emphasizes data-driven decision-making, KPIs, and aligning goals for optimal company performance. With his diverse experiences and strong leadership, Dennis proves to be a valuable asset in the industry. Tune in to learn more!

Listen | Watch | Follow Dennis Garvey | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 48

DIRECT MATERIAL DILEMMAS: Procurement, China-Taiwan Impact, & Optimal Benchmarks with Jeff Brown

In this episode of What the Duck?! Sarah and today’s guest, Jeff Brown, delve into several crucial topics. We’ll explore strategies for turning around weak procurement, analyze the potential massive impact of the China-Taiwan conflict on direct materials procurement, and discuss best practices for benchmarking in the industry. If you’re a direct materials professional looking to accelerate your career and stay ahead in times of uncertainty, this episode is a must-listen!

Listen | Watch | Follow Jeff Brown | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 47

THE AGREEMENT ALCHEMIST: The Importance of Having Master Service Agreements with Denise Sena

We welcome Denise Sena on What the Duck?! today to discuss the importance of having a master service agreement (MSA) with key suppliers in the supply chain. Denise shares her experiences working in various companies and highlights the challenges and lessons learned in implementing MSAs. Denise emphasizes the importance of finding a high-performing procurement expert, prioritizing critical areas, and using industry benchmarks in crafting MSAs. The conversation underscores the significance of building strong supplier relationships and the positive impact of effective MSAs on business operations.

Listen | Watch | Follow Denise Sena | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 46

SOURCING SIN CITY: How to Improve the Data in Your ERP with Stephanie Shrader

What the ACTUAL Duck?!! Stephanie Shrader joins the What the Duck?! hotseat today to discuss with Sarah the ways in which you can improve the data in your ERP. Stephanie, first, highlights her specialization in procurement and sourcing, emphasizes the significance of supplier collaboration, particularly during the chip shortage challenges in the gaming industry and discusses the difficulties of maintaining clean ERP data and the efforts taken to address them. Be sure to tune into this episode if you are wanting to hear expert insights into supplier relationships, ERP data integrity, and overcoming industry challenges.

Listen | Watch | Follow Stephanie Shrader | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 45

QUACKING THE CODE: Unraveling Supplier Development Strategies with Dr. Muddassir Ahmed

Special guest, Dr. Muddassir Ahmed joins host, Sarah Scudder, today on What the Duck?! Together, they explore the intricacies of determining the most effective supplier development strategy for manufacturers who are struggling to establish strong relationships with their suppliers. Dr. Ahmed brings a wealth of experience, having spent 17 years in the manufacturing industry, serving as a divisional supply chain leader for prominent companies like Eaton and Bridgestone. Tune in as they unravel the complexities of supplier development strategies, share valuable insights from Dr. Ahmed’s expertise, and provide practical solutions to enhance direct materials supply chain management.

Listen | Watch | Follow Dr. Muddassir Ahmed | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 44

THE NEED FOR SPEED: The Impact of Production Speed on Negotiations with Nico Taormina

Today, on What the Duck?! Sarah interviews Nico Taormina, an experienced buyer, and he is here to discuss his career in procurement and supply chain management. Nico shares his background, starting at Boeing and later transitioning to companies like Virgin Orbit, Canoo, and Northrop Grumman. He discusses how his experiences at each company shaped his understanding of procurement and supply chain dynamics. They delve into the crucial relationship between production speed and negotiations, particularly for manufacturers facing challenges in balancing production speed with supply availability. Tune in as they explore the far-reaching effects of production speed on negotiation dynamics and uncover strategies to optimize this delicate balance.

Listen | Watch | Follow Nico Taormina | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 43

KOCH’S LEAN COOKING: Enhancing Operational Performance Through Lean Continuous Improvement with Ed Koch

Today, on What the Duck?! Sarah Scudder is joined by Ed Koch, who leads the Solutions Division at CCI. They discuss improving operational performance by implementing lean continuous improvement programs across multiple sites. Ed shares his extensive global experience in operations and manufacturing transformations, having worked in various regions around the world. They delve into Ed’s career journey, starting at Unilever and then moving to SabMiller, where he played a significant role in implementing operational excellence programs and standardizing performance metrics across the global business. The conversation highlights the importance of leadership, employee engagement, and the impact of lean practices on supply chain performance and sustainability.

Listen | Watch | Follow Ed Koch | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 42

BEST-OF-BRAD: Using Top Tier Solutions to Build Hybrid Cloud Ecosystems with Brad Feakes

Today on What the Duck?!, we’re ducking around with Brad Feakes, an expert in operations, supply chain management, and information technology. Brad sits down with Host, Sarah Scudder, to discuss the use of best-of-breed solutions to build hybrid Cloud ecosystems that support ERP customer needs. Brad shares his personal and professional journey, including his education, career choices, and his experience working with ERP systems in manufacturing companies. They also touch upon Brad’s role as a business analyst and his involvement in implementing Epicor as company-wide ERP system and his current role at EstesGroup.

Listen | Watch | Follow Brad Feakes | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 41

RIDING THE WAVES: How to Deal with Global Freight Issues with Craig “Double-C” Campbell

In today’s episode of What the Duck?!, Sarah interviews Craig Campbell, who has extensive experience in supply chain and purchasing. They discuss various topics, including Craig’s early career as a subcontract engineer, his transition to purchasing, his passion for direct materials in the supply chain, moving from the UK to the US, and his experiences with global freight issues. Tune into this episode if you want to hear Craig’s insights on the challenges faced in the nuclear valve manufacturing industry, the importance of adaptability in supply chain management, and the unexpected extent of the global freight problem during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen | Watch | Follow Craig Campbell | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 40

BO-RN to PROCURE: How Client Education Mitigates Supply Chain Disruption Impacts with Bo Bradshaw

Today on What the Duck?!, Sarah is joined by Bo Bradshaw, the procurement director at Edgio. Join them as they dive deep in discussion the importance of client education in mitigating the impacts of supply chain disruption. Bo shares his career journey, starting as a claims adjuster before transitioning to supply chain, and highlights the similarities between claims adjusting and procurement negotiation. He explains how he landed his first supply chain role at Dow Chemical and why he decided to stay in the field, emphasizing his enjoyment of the work and the opportunities for growth and learning. This episode explores everything from the importance of client education in supply chain management, shared insights from Bo’s career journey, and his experiences in procurement negotiation and navigating supply chain disruptions such as the tariff war with China.

Listen | Watch | Follow Bo Bradshaw | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 39

FINDING SYNERGY WITH YOUR ERP: How to Successfully Implement a New or Existing ERP with Paul Tedford

After many months of hearing his name in the workplace halls, Sarah finally got the chance to meet and interview SourceDay celebrity, Paul Tedford on this episode of What the Duck?! Paul’s passion for customer advocacy and solving new and challenging problems allowed him to take on many different roles in the ERP space and most recently become CEO and partner at Synergy Resources. If you work for a manufacturer and want to upgrade your existing ERP or install a new ERP, you won’t want to miss this discussion on how to successfully implement an ERP.

Listen | Watch | Follow Paul Tedford | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 38

KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER: How to Work with Competitors to Secure Supply with Emily French

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is the theme of this week’s epsiode of What the Duck?! Sarah Scudder, is joined by Emily French, otherwise known as “The Bulldog,” where they chat all about working with competitors to secure supply. You heard that right. Emily is an estimator Shermco Industries in Irving, Texas. She started out as a temp to help with inventory cleanup and was not promised a position. Through hard work and dedication, she showed she wanted to work at Shermco.

Listen | Watch | Follow Emily French | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 37

REDDY, SET, REDUCE!: Reducing the Cost of Your Commodities with Nisha Reddy

Today on What the Duck?! Host, Sarah Scudder, is joined by Nisha Reddy. They dive into all they ways to reduce the cost of your commodities. If you’re struggling to deal with price increases from your suppliers, which is almost everybody given the craziness where we’re at with inflation, then you won’t want to miss this discussion. Nisha graduated with a degree in Neuroscience, so the purchasing and procurement space was very new to her. After discovering her passion for purchasing through her work experience, she became a strong presence within her company as a buyer in the automotive industry that is dedicated to reducing costs across eight commodities. 

Listen | Watch | Follow Nisha Reddy | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 36

ONBOARDING FOR DRUMMEYS: How to Successfully Onboard Customers’ New Products with Stephen Drummey

Today on What The Duck?!, Sarah is joined by Stephen Drummey where they delve into how to successfully onboard customers’ new products. If you work for a manufacturer and are struggling to onboard customer projects, especially in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), then this episode is for you. Stephen is a buyer at Samina Corporation with seven years of experience onboarding customers with NPI projects. NPI stands for onboarding new customer products, specializing in EMS. Stephen uses that experience to Quick-turn prototypes while also positioning projects for long-term material success and production.

Listen | Watch | Follow Stephen Drummey | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 35

DYNAMIC DUOS: Developing Direct Materials Talent and Teams with Anna McGovern and Rachel Hassall

It’s double trouble in this episode of What The Duck?! Today, we chat with Anna McGovern, the Founder and Managing Director of Pondview Consulting and Rachel Hassall, a CPG procurement executive with over 15 year’s experience ranging from personal care to home care cosmetics. These ladies discuss developing direct materials procurement talent and teams. They dive into bosses, the good (Rachel is a previous employee of Anna’s from their time at Unilever) and the bad ones, finding talent and self-awareness of your own strengths. If you work for a manufacturer and want to train up and retain your procurement team, then this episode is for you.

Listen | Watch | Follow Anna | Follow Rachel | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 34

MANAGING INVENTORY WITH THISSSSS METHOD: What is 5S? And Why is it Important in Manufacturing? with Nathan Wilding

Today on What the Duck?!, we have 5S expert, Nathan Wilding joining the show. Nathan has a passion for project management and process improvement which can be attested to his many years in supply chain. Prior to moving into the supply chain industry, he started his work in retail, specifically at Bay Area born smoothie chain, Jamba Juice. Tune into this episode where Sarah and Nathan discuss 5S and why it’s important in manufacturing, especially as it pertains to inventory management.

Listen | Watch | Follow Nathan Wilding | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 33

PATRICK OR TREAT?: Why the Direct Material Sourcing Space Merits More Attention from the Analysts with Patrick Reymann

Patrick Reymann is in the What the Duck?! Hot seat today. Sarah and Patrick delve into why the direct material sourcing space merits more attention from the analyst community. Patrick is an Enterprise and Procurement Applications Analyst for IDC is highly interested in the attributes that are most meaningful to buyers. After spending over 20 years as a sourcing and procurement consultant he moved over to the analyst world. Learn all about the ins and outs analyst community, what they do and the impact they have on direct materials sourcing.

Listen| Watch | Follow Patrick Reymann | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 32

HELP ME FIND A NEW (SUPPLIER) MAN: How to Find Alternative Suppliers for Hard-to-Source Parts and Materials

On today’s episode of What The Duck?!, we welcome Buyer at Chromalox, Rochelle Newman. Rochelle started her career in the medical industry, where she focused on supplier relationships due to the small community of vendors that supplied their specific materials for their devices. Now, in her role at Chromalox, she’s more focused on sourcing materials. Listen Rochelle’s conversation with Sarah to learn how to find alternative suppliers for hard-to-source parts and materials. They discuss everything from the why’s to the how’s of working with alternative suppliers.

Listen | Watch | Follow Rochelle Newman | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 31

This IS EPIC(OR): A Deep-Dive into the Epicor ERP with CTO, Frank Barrett

Today we welcome Frank Barrett, CTO at ArcLight Solutions. Frank’s been in IT for 23 years in various industries, including: government, health care, private equity, and manufacturing. He’s a veteran and an antique tractor collector (which we dive into), and a retired podcaster. He also happens to have first-hand experience working with with SourceDay. Tune in as Sarah and Frank do a deep dive of the Epicor ERP, from the perspective of a manufacturing Chief Technology in the latest episode of What The Duck?!

Listen | Watch | Follow Frank Barrett | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 30

SECRET AGENT OF QUALITY: How to Better Secure Supply with Tiffany Thayer

Today we welcome Tiffany Thayer, Senior Buyer at ControlTek, also known as the “Secret Agent of Quality.” Tiffany worked in accounting and sales before transferring to the direct materials procurement industry, where she has been for nearly eight years. She loves process improvement and bringing lean manufacturing practices into the front office side of business. Tune in as Sarah and Tiffany unpack how to better secure supply. They delve deep into the of the international chip processing plants and export portals being shut down last year in the latest episode of What The Duck?!

Listen | Watch | Follow Tiffany Thayer | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 29

SURPRISE, YOUR ORDER HAS ARRIVED!(?) How to Deal with Supply Surprises with Curtis Strzinek

Curtis Strzinek knows how to stay calm, cool, and collected when dealing with supply surprises. Curtis is a Senior Buyer at LyondellBasell, with over 30 years buying experience under his belt. He’s sold and bought many different industrial commodities and has dealt with supply chain nightmares. He joins Sarah to discuss on time shipment arrivals and why there is so much disconnect from a purchase order being cut to if and when you’re actually going to receive supply.

Listen | Watch | Follow Curtis Strzinek | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 28

FOR THE LOVE OF PROCUREMENT! How to Keep Transportation Costs Under Control with Andy Neilson

If you work for a manufacturer you are struggling to manage logistics costs, then this episode is for you. Sarah is joined by Andy Neilson, CEO of Twisted Orange. Andy has spent his career buying direct materials for ceramics food, ready meals, personal care, and heavy engineering. Tune in to hear his thoughts on transportation trends we can expect in 2023 and what we should focus our attention to.

Listen | Watch | Follow Andy Neilson | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 27

PUTTING THE PUZZLE TOGETHER: Automating as Much Data as Possible with Nathan Cunningham 

Are you spending more time on data and less time with your suppliers? In this episode of What The Duck?!, we chat with Nathan Cunningham, a supply chain, data and tech who has been heavily involved in various manufacturing supply chains, including Ingersoll Rand and Tesla. He digs into why we should automate as much data as possible so we can spend more time on building and maintaining supplier relationships.

Listen | Watch | Follow Nathan Cunningham | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 26

HE’S GOT THE MEATS: How to Reduce the Number of Past Due Orders with Afif Mango 

If you work for a manufacturer and you’re struggling to get product to your customers on time, then THIS is the episode for you. Host Sarah Scudder is joined by Afif Mango to discuss how to reduce the number of past due orders. This is a very big challenge for manufacturers and retailers alike – if you miss a customer delivery, you lose a customer for life. From procurement, production and material planning, logistics and order entry, Afif has worked through the entire supply chain. 

Listen | Watch | Follow Afif Mango | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 25

CONTAINING COSTS: Making Process Improvements to Drive Cost Savings with Sneha Kumari

Sneha Kumari a self-proclaimed supply chain nerd, always seeking solutions to supply chain challenges. She is also a six-sigma green belt certified professional and recognized as one of the few Operations Women Leaders by McKinsey and Co. in the field of operations. She joins Sarah to discuss how to make process improvements to drive cost savings that directly impact your bottom line. Learn more about Sneha in this latest episode of What The Duck?! Another Supply Chain Podcast.

Listen | Watch | Follow Sneha Kumari | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 24

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Get from A to Z Quickly and Cheaply with John Hantzis

In this episode of What The Duck?!, we sit down with John Hantzis, the Director of Logistics at AAMP Global. Today, John discusses operational efficiency and how to reduce overall logistics spending as a percentage of sales. He shares how to get products from A to Z by letting the various teams involved interact and looking for areas to reduce cost.

Listen | Watch | Follow John Hantzis | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 23

VALUE STREAM MAPPING: Secure Your Most Vital Suppliers with Anna McGovern

We chat with Anna McGovern, the Founder and Managing Director of Pondview Consulting. Unforeseen events can completely derail a supply chain, so Anna discusses the concept of value stream mapping and the need to have tiers of suppliers that can provide alternative sources of raw materials. Anna suggests that small and mid-sized manufacturers focus on their top 10 and develop their relationships with these suppliers.

Listen | Watch | Follow Anna McGovern | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 22

SUPPLIER EMPOWERMENT: Manage Relationships and Map Out Supply Bases with Rachel Hassall

In this episode, we chat with Rachel Hassall, a CPG supply chain executive who until recently was VP for Global Direct Procurement at Revlon. She digs into how brands can empower suppliers as they are critical partners of the business. She also shares how to map out supply bases to assess the criticality of suppliers and how this then informs your relationship with them moving forward.

Listen | Watch | Follow Rachel Hassall | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 21

THINNING THE GAP: Overcoming Data & System Gaps for Parts & Materials with Katie Smith

Today we will be having Katie Smith, an experienced Global Expert in Strategic Sourcing and Procurement. Katie and Sarah discuss how to overcome data and system gaps when buying parts and materials. Katie describes her experience in procurement and supply chain, and the two discuss ways to improve the visibility of the product and part lead times and orders.

Listen | Watch | Follow Katie Smith | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 20

MACROMANAGE: Managing a Large Supplier Base with Cole Perry

Cole Perry is the Strategic Sourcing Director at Tilson Technology Management, and he will be joining Sarah to discuss how to increase and manage a larger supplier base. If you are struggling to source and manage a larger group of suppliers while ensuring minimal spending increase, tune in and learn how you can get the solution with Cole and Sarah.

Listen | Watch | Follow Cole Perry | Transcript

Season 1: Episode 19

WITH POWERS COMBINED: Optimize Direct Material Spend Through Supplier Collaboration

Miguel Cossio is a Procurement Research Director at Gartner who focuses on helping procurement leaders deliver greater value by adapting to the latest trends in supplier collaboration and innovation, performance management, and sustainable procurement. In this conversation, he discusses why supplier collaboration strategies fail and what you can do about it.

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Season 1: Episode 18

POWER UP, LEVEL UP: Empowering Workers in Making Process Improvements

Sarah welcomes Mark Alarik today, who will be talking about how to empower workers to make improvements on the production floor, which is good for a manufacturer struggling with the thought of giving your team the authority to make process improvement decisions.

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Season 1: Episode 17

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: Building Long-Term Supplier Relationships with Andre Langhorst

In today’s episode, Sarah welcomes Andre Langhorst to discuss the importance of building long-term relationships with suppliers, and how doing so can help manufacturers establish strategic, non transactional relationships. They also talk about how supply chain complexity can be a challenge, but also an opportunity for those who are interested in solving complex problems.

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Season 1: Episode 16

ICEBERG CRUSHER: Mitigating The Risks Of An Iceberg Of Inventory With Mike Ryan

If there’s a risk taker, we also have a risk fixer. Today we welcome Michael “Mike” Ryan, from the M. Ryan Group, also known as the Inventory Iceberg Crusher. Tune in as Sarah unpacks Mike’s story on how he got into supply chain, and how he helps businesses mitigate the risks of having too much inventory.

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Season 1: Episode 15

BURNING PASSION TO SERVE: Building Customer-Centered Supply Chain Strategies With Ryan Burns

The customer is at the center of it all. Ryan Burns, Owner/Principal of RBB Management Consulting, a Supply Chain Innovator and Process Improvement Leader, is in the duck’s pond! Ryan will be sharing his own passion for hiking and his passion for serving customers better by providing improved supply chain strategies.

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Season 1: Episode 14

STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE’RE HERE: Building Supply Chains From Scratch with Peter Hasenkamp

How the duck do you build supply chains from scratch? In this episode of What The Duck?!, we are joined by Lucid Motors’ VP of Global Supply Chain & Operations Peter Hasenkamp. Coming in hot from Tesla where he also built a supply chain organization, Peter talks about his experience building procurement and the supply chain organizations for the two electric car companies. Peter also talks about the biggest challenges he encountered in the car manufacturing business, and why the supply chain departments can and should definitely drive business decisions.

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Season 1: Episode 13

ENSURING TOM-orrow: How To Ensure Supply In The Coming Times With Tom Oris

How the duck do you keep your supply intact? This is one question and many more that Tom Oris the Director of Procurement from 1-800-Flowers.com, will be answering today, in the latest episode of What The Duck?! Tom will be sharing his personal story in the supply-chain space, the ins and outs of ensuring an intact supply in these challenging times, and how you ensure that your suppliers have your back.

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Season 1: Episode 12

RACE TO THE TOP: Alex Mesanza On Challenging Himself On A Daily Basis In The Supply Chain

Alex Mesanza is that one guy who loves to challenge himself. He is the Division Head of Global Business Supply Management – Optical Fiber & Cable at Corning Incorporated. He shares his interest in relay races and working in the supply chain because he gets the challenge that he searches for.

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Season 1: Episode 11

BOBAK TO THE FUTURE: Innovation For The Future Of Supply Chain With Corey Bobak

If you are not innovating your supply chain systems, you are living under a rock! Today we have Corey Bobak, one of the new leaders of Inspire 11, to talk about the importance of innovation in the supply chain, and its impact on your direct spend management. Tune in to learn about Corey’s love for dogs, cars, wine, and his passion to innovate the supply chain with technology.

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Season 1: Episode 10

TIMES ARE CHANGING: Purchasing Plans In Ever-Changing Lead Times With John Brown

Who would’ve thought that we will be learning so much about supply chain from someone who writes books about fiction? Today we have John Brown, Senior Education Manager from The Lake Companies, and will be talking about purchasing plans on changing lead times.

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Season 1: Episode 9

LEVEL-HEADED: How To Achieve Optimal Inventory Levels With Hannah Fallon Suka

It is very seldom you find someone who winds up in the supply chain because they planned it all along. Hannah Fallon Suka, the Senior Buyer at Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, is one of those seldom people, who deliberately chose to major in supply chain management and got a career with it. Join Sarah and Hannah as they discuss achieving optimal inventory levels

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Season 1: Episode 8

WHAT THE DUCK’S AN ERP? Learning Enterprise Resource Planning With Bruce Larson

Many people are not aware of the full potential of an ERP. Some only use it for purchasing, some for accounting, and some for project management. But what is the full extent of an ERP’s capabilities? Sarah brings in Bruce Larson, Principal Consultant of Larson Solutions, to answer this and share his knowledge on ERP and much more.

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Season 1: Episode 7

How to Get Suppliers to Adopt New Supply Chain Software with Daniel Lueck

Buyers are sellers, too! Daniel Lueck believes that buyers also have to sell to suppliers to be a partner with their company, especially when adopting a new software solution. Dan is a Strategic Sourcing Manager at Provisur Technologies with 35 years of supply chain experience on his belt. He will be joining Sarah and will be sharing his experience on how to get suppliers to adopt new supply chain software and many more!

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Season 1: Episode 6

INSIGHT-OUT: Learning the Benefits of PO Process Automation with Lindsay Smith

To automate or not? That is the question. Many people are not too open to the idea of automating their processes, and the same goes for people in supply chain, particularly in purchase orders. This is why we have Lindsay Smith. He is the Solutions Principal for Manufacturing Industry at Insight, and he will be talking with us about the benefits of having an automated purchase order process.

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Season 1: Episode 5

BEATING AROUND THE BUSCH: Understanding The Political Supply Chain With Jason Busch

Open yourself up to the world, and the possibilities are endless. Sarah welcomes Jason Busch, the Founder, and CEO of Spend Matters, to talk about Political Supply Chain. Jason ain’t duckin’ around as he knows his stuff, bringing a whole new world in the understanding chain even more.

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Season 1: Episode 4

ARE YOU INFOR A CHANGE? Let’s Talk Operational Process Improvements with Michelle Rydman

Nothing is permanent but change—and the same goes for companies. Change must be adapted in order to have operational process improvements, and Michelle Rydman, Senior Director of Product Management of Infor, is the perfect guest for that. Michelle will be sharing her story and the ins and outs of operational process improvements.

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Season 1: Episode 3

INTO THE DANGER ZONE: Effectively Managing The Dangers Of Single Sourcing With Darlyne Freedman

Having a single supplier for your business is only convenient because you only need to talk to one party, but when the going gets tough, it can cause delays and problems. You gotta have some backup suppliers, and there’s no one better to share this experience than Darlyne Freedman, VP of Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, and Co-Manufacturing for Ruiz Foods.

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Season 1: Episode 2

‘Tis the Season! Colby Young on How to Manage Seasonal Supply Chain

‘Tis the season to be jolly as Colby Young, VP for NetSuite Business Unit of SourceDay jingles the bells in the pod with Sarah Scudder. Sarah welcomes Colby as they talk about the role of technology in the supply chain, the dangers of single-sourcing, and managing seasonal supplies.

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Season 1: Episode 1

What the Duck?! Who is Sarah Scudder and What is This Show About

Sarah Scudder kicks off her show by letting people know who she is, what she does, and what in the world is on her mind on launching this podcast. Sarah is the CMO of SourceDay, but she is so much more than that. Get to know more about her with guest host Sheyna Webster, in this first-ever episode of the What The Duck?! podcast!

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