Supplier Collaboration

Finding New Suppliers to Meet Customer Demands During Coronavirus

As COVID-19 disruption ripples through the U.S. economy, the manufacturing industry continues to look for answers on what to do next. With pending orders backing up for disrupted suppliers, buyers rely on their supplier’s immediate action to keep the business running.

SourceDay’s RFQ solution helps buyers quickly compare suppliers’ quotes and responsiveness to make the best possible decision when choosing new suppliers, especially during the COVID-19 disruption. With SourceDay, buyers can get more orders shipped to meet customer demand during COVID-19.

RFQ Status Notifications

SourceDay provides buyers the ability to quickly build quotes and send to multiple suppliers at once. Plus, buyers can dictate the timeliness of the response. Buyers can then track the progress of each request submitted and stay informed on RFQ status.

Bid Submission Management

With demand pressures building because of Coronavirus supply chain disruption, buyers need the ability to collaborate with suppliers quickly. SourceDay’s RFQ allows buyers to communicate with suppliers in one platform, removing the need to track responses via email. Constant, real-time feedback enables users to receive quotes and confidently cut POs to the winning bidders. 

Prevent Price Gouging

Increasing demand makes it easy for buyers to be overcharged for items in supply constraints. It’s essential in times of disruption, especially one as indefinite as the Coronavirus, to prevent price gouging in the supply chain. Uniquely, SourceDay’s RFQ solution shows all submitted RFQs in an easy to read bid comparison table so you can quickly spot any outlier pricing from suppliers.

Choosing a new supplier to meet the unpredictable demands of COVID-19 can be challenging. Learn how SourceDay can help you meet RFQ needs and get you through these next several months of uncertainty. Start using SourceDay’s RFQ Solution free for 3 months and speed up the quoting process.

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