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SourceDay’s cloud-based purchase order automation and collaboration solution streamlines PO management between buyers and suppliers while providing accurate visibility across the supply chain.

Instead of manually creating and shepherding POs through their life cycles, SourceDay automates every step. Buyers and suppliers communicate within the context of each PO line, eliminating frustrating hours spent chasing emails and spreadsheets. POs are managed by exception, which means buyers focus only on what’s important. The result is greater efficiency—to the tune of a 30% reduction in buyers’ daily PO workload.

Because SourceDay integrates directly with your ERP, every relevant piece of data is automatically written into your system. So when it comes time to make decisions about inventory planning, forecasting, and supplier performance, everyone involved has a clear view of what’s actually happening across the entire supply chain. No more supplier surprises, no more supplier misses. SourceDay gives you the information you need to make confident, profitable decisions for the business.

Recognized by G2

SourceDay is recognized by G2, the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace, as a High Performer for Summer 2023.

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