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What We Do

SourceDay is the only purchase order management software specifically made to solve the most common challenges manufacturing and distribution companies face in managing their direct spend. No other solution brings greater visibility into the PO lifecycle while reducing risk, costs and delays. SourceDay will revolutionize how you do business.

How We Do It

SourceDay’s cloud based purchase order management system expands the capabilities of traditional ERP systems. By integrating with ERP systems, SourceDay automates the process of fulfilling PO requests more easily, quickly and accurately. Everything you need to manage POs and buyer-supplier relationships is in one place.

Automated PO Management

As many complicated steps as SourceDay automates, our PO management software is remarkably simple, fast and affordable to implement. Replace error prone spreadsheets, repetitive phone calls and countless emails with a single, modern interface that enables seamless and real-time communication, PO status tracking, supplier scorecards, and much more.


Automated Purchase Order System
Streamline and manage the entire PO lifecycle while improving supplier reliability and performance.

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Document Control
Store all supplier-related documents centrally and track confirmations and revisions on one screen.

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Request for Quote
Easily build and send RFQs to multiple suppliers, monitor status and submissions, and manage the process in one place.

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Supplier Scorecard
Measure supplier performance in real time and communicate scores with vendors without a single email.

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Standardize your receiving with approved shipping barcode labels and get detailed information about pending deliveries.

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ERP Integration
Integrate SourceDay with your ERP, like Syteline, Epicor and NetSuite, in only hours with minimal IT involvement.

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Customer Success

Our customers explain the value and benefits they experience with SourceDay.

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“I wasn’t looking for a solution… However, when I saw SourceDay in action, I realized it could solve a lot of problems for both Federal and our suppliers.”

– Federal Buying Agent

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Does SourceDay make a difference?

The purchase order management process is typically labor-intensive, manual and error-prone. With SourceDay, it can be streamlined, unified and simplified. Buyers and suppliers never had it so good.


average improvement of supplier on-time deliveries


average hours saved per week, per buyer


average reduction in data entry errors


number of purchase orders auto-acknowledged


average price variance reduction

Supplier Benefits

SourceDay is just as effective for your suppliers as it is for buyers. Since the success of manufacturers and distributors is highly dependent on supplier relationships, we designed our solution to be mutually beneficial. Suppliers can use SourceDay as their single source of record as well, ensuring every line item, purchase order, change and communication thread is tracked and stored in one place.

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