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Value delivered by the numbers

With more than a decade of experience and hundreds of millions of transactions, we've helped more than a few companies keep production lines running and customer orders flowing out the door.

  • $59B

    processed direct spend thru our platform
  • 17.1B

    parts received on time
  • 100M

    PO changes processed per year
  • 97,000


De-risking inbound supply so you can focus on customer delivery

Our leading direct materials procurement platform utilizes advanced risk modeling, trend identification, and customer-level behavior modeling via SourceDay Intelligence to provide deep insights, proactively uncover risks, and anticipate potential disruptions.

Everything in one place. Everything up to date. Everyone on the same page. Everything running like clock-work.

Trusted by the world’s leading companies

Impact beyond procurement

SourceDay delivers value across every area of your business

Heads of Supply Chain gain...

Inbound supply confidence the C-Level can rely on

SourceDay delivers reduced risk and fewer disruptions to production, protecting customer relationships and organization-wide value.

Increased supplier engagement

51% faster responses. 23% more acknowledgements.

Improved supplier delivery rates

44% improvement in parts OTD. 38% improvement in OTIF.

Proactive issue resolution

Advanced notification of potential disruptions with SourceDay Intelligence.

Efficiency gains

50-80% reduction in time spent on procurement tasks.

Heads of Operations enjoy...

Leaner, smoother, more efficient manufacturing processes

SourceDay delivers more predictable inbound supply, meaning your team can build and ship orders with clarity and confidence.

Accurate parts availability

Plan with confidence because supply delivery dates and quantities are updated in real time.

Less unplanned downtime

Higher supplier OTD rates mean less production downtime or schedule modifications.

Capacity utilization

Optimize production schedule planning to keep lines running and maximize revenue.

Customer delivery OTD

Ship and invoice customer orders on time and on plan.

Heads of Finance achieve...

More profitable, more predictable bottom line

Reduce avoidable costs and revenue risks by automating a manual, error-prone (and critical) part of your supply chain.

Cost containment

Avoid late penalties, expedite fees, downtime, overtime; reduce carrying costs.

Quick ROI

SourceDay pays for itself over and over, allowing you to scale business without growing procurement and A/P headcount.

Revenue protection

Avoid revenue misses due to unfilled customer commitments and delivery targets.

Strengthen working capital

Optimize inventory levels by reducing buffer stock and overhead.

How it works

The power to stop supply chain disruptions before they start

Up to 70% of issues happen before shipment. SourceDay Intelligence is powered by patent-pending AI and Machine Learning technology that draws upon more than $43 billion in PO spend data to provide advanced, actionable insights.

SourceDay Intelligence uncovers hidden risks in inbound supply related to price, delivery time, and quantity, and provides intuitive support to enhance, automate, and streamline human decision-making at the most vulnerable stages of the supply chain.

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Turn inefficient processes into precision, risk-eliminating workflows

52% of PO lines will change. And they change an average of 2.5 times. Our platform integrates with any ERP and streamlines the entire PO management process into a single, centrally managed, highly efficient source of truth; allowing you to de-risk this critical part of inbound supply flow.

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A sharper and clearer picture of inbound supply means less risk of costly hiccups

Optimize procurement, take ERP data accuracy to 100%, and foster stronger collaboration with suppliers—all within a single platform.

Real-time PO visibility

SourceDay's real-time PO visibility empowers proactive decision-making. React faster to potential issues, optimize efficiency, and stay ahead of disruptions regardless of how complex your supply chain is.

Industry-leading collaboration

SourceDay eliminates communication and workflow barriers between buyers and suppliers, fostering seamless, best-in-class collaboration. With clear order visibility, both parties accelerate decision-making, strengthen partnerships, and optimize order fulfillment.

Peace of mind, every time

Our data shows that real-time tracking and AI-powered workflows result in higher on-time deliveries; preventing disruptions and lost revenue. Improve operations and exceed customer expectations with consistent performance.

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The next best thing to a supply chain crystal ball

SourceDay Intelligence helps you to proactively mitigate supply chain risks and ensure on-time deliveries, keeping your business running smoothly and your customers happy.

“Who in the world thought, in the midst of a pandemic, that a company would see improvement in any metrics, let alone supply chain metrics and on-time delivery metrics?”

- JB AeroTech

“Before SourceDay, we were talking about a multi-million dollar expansion for warehouse space. Now, we’ve reduced on-hand inventory by 22% and we’re actually looking at no longer storing production components at an offsite warehouse.”

- BraunAbility

“We met our SourceDay partners at an (ERP) user group meeting and we saw the demo. It wasn’t long after we saw the demo that we were planning our SourceDay implementation.”

- Chatworth Products

“This has had a huge impact on our business. It’s critical that the information we use to make business decisions is accurate, timely, and drives the valuable analysis that our teams need to meet our customers’ demands. This is a critical value we’ve unlocked with SourceDay.”

- Marine Layer

“SourceDay has helped us to be able to manage our POs in a more efficient way. The platform has also helped reduce the number of emails my team and I are receiving as we previously were managing any PO confirmation, proposed change, shipping, and invoicing via email.”

- McGee & Co

“I like that vendors can see what we think about their on-time delivery and other factors. When you’re being graded, you try harder to get that grade up.”

- Federal Manufacturing

“By cleaning up our work in process, we now have more just-in-time inventory management. We’ve reclaimed about 90% of our previous warehousing space and converted it into manufacturing floor because of the way we’ve optimized our inbound materials.”

- Chatsworth Products

“This was what we had been waiting for—one platform for all buyers to use, which freed up 25% of three key staff members’ time.”

- Global Interconnect

“It’s nice to just be able to go in and put the information in one place, and everybody gets to see it. And the best part? There’s not a lot of back and forth! … I can easily see if a factory has seen the order and acknowledged it … which factories are lagging … then easily (address it by sending a quick message in the solution).”

- Select Brands

“With SourceDay we have reduced late deliveries, our pricing is much more accurate, and it’s a significant time-saver for our receiving and purchasing departments.”

- Rocore

“Having Sourceday in our system is awesome, it helps me do my job faster and easier, I can all see the late POs in just a click away.”

- RedCat Racing

“30% or 3 hours of each planner’s daily workload is eliminated due to automation in SourceDay’s PO Collaboration solution. Removing manual tasks allows our people to focus on strategic value for our organizations.”

- Progress Rail

“Risk management is always top of mind for us. Anything coming in late has an impact on our production, which in turn impacts delivery. This was one of the key drivers for us wanting SourceDay.”

- Prairie Machine

“One of the greatest benefits that we’ve seen to date is the time-savings for each of our buyers. After streamlining the communication process between buyers and vendors…we’re seeing a savings of 1-2 hours per day.”

- Napoleon Products

“Optimizing logistics and transit times is a huge, huge business advantage of ours right now. Effectively managing shipment and transit times is a major international challenge right now. SourceDay makes us far more competitive and gives us a lot more opportunities for professional development for our teams.”

- Marine Layer

“30% or 3 hours of each planner’s daily workload is eliminated due to automation in SourceDay’s PO Collaboration solution. Removing manual tasks allows our people to focus on strategic value for our organizations.”

- Progress Rail

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We have answers.

SourceDay has 10 years of experience delivering real-time visibility into the end-to-end POlifecycle. We also hold the most comprehensive PO management dataset in existence. This combination powers unique insights to identify and mitigate the most critical areas of supply chain vulnerability and risk.

SourceDay’s vast dataset of more than 80K suppliers, $40B in managed spend, 100M PO updates per year, and 75M in-platform and email messages makes up a unique collection of PO behavior. The PO updates and in-platform and email messages, for example, represent PO Lifecycle Management actions that exist nowhere else. This proprietary data drives the patent-pending risk modeling, trend identification, and pattern matching capabilities in SourceDay Intelligence.

Supply chain disruptions can turn into a business catastrophe when a single late or incomplete order can cause cascade effects from the production line to accounts payable. Handling risks before they become disruptions reduces production line delays and the need for increased buffer stock, ensures accurate ERP PO data, improves on-time customer order delivery, and enables faster invoicing. This leads to greater financial and operational performance, confidence, and value across the organization.

SourceDay gathers risks from across the entire PO lifecycle into a single view. Users get full visibility and efficient management from one dashboard. SourceDay Intelligence highlights unforeseen risks, recommends effective resolutions for all risks, and automates custom resolution workflows. Your team can more quickly and efficiently resolve risks to keep your supply chain, and your overall operations, on track.

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