Purchase Order Collaboration

Purchase Order Collaboration

Stop chasing PO updates. Standardize communication between buyers and suppliers to reduce delays, errors and frustrations. Expedite supplier acknowledgments and track the status and any changes to lead-times, pricing, quantities and delivery dates – all in one place, in real time. Plus, you can automatically share documents and measure supplier performance. 

Key Features

Automated PO Management

Let SourceDay manage your POs to ensure all your parts arrive on time

Manage Your POs by Exception

Track all of your POs and handle every change easily in one place.


Every party knows immediately when a change happens.

Audit trail

The history of every PO and every change is documented for review.

How It Works

Once a PO is created in your ERP, it automatically appears in the PO dashboard of your buyers and suppliers. From the PO dashboard, you can track PO acknowledgments, status updates, and due dates. If a buyer makes any changes to a PO, the suppliers are automatically notified. 

Purchase Order Exceptions

SourceDay’s PO Exceptions dashboard helps you understand how PO exceptions impact revenue, cash flow, and working capital. The module uses change suggestions from your MRP to assess the revenue and cash flow that is at risk. View the total value of move-ins, move-outs, and cancellations in one place and prioritize which PO lines to action.

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Purchase Order Dashboard

The supplier dashboard mirrors the buyer’s view keeping your supply chain in sync with your business requirements.  The dashboard view makes it easy for suppliers to make mass acknowledgments to numerous PO line items simultaneously. Suppliers also can import data directly from SourceDay into their system with no manual entry. When a supplier makes a change, such as a due date, the buyer has the option to approve or reject the change.

All communication between buyers and sellers is tracked for each PO. And all updates to any PO are automatically transmitted back to your ERP in real time, so your entire organization has instant access to accurate data enabling you to make better business decisions. 

Supplier Scorecard

Hold your suppliers accountable by measuring the metrics that matter most like price variance, on-time delivery, quality and responsiveness.

Suppliers also have constant access to their current scorecard and can self-grade their performance, so they can be more proactive in meeting your needs.

ISO certified companies can use our Supplier Scorecard to demonstrate to your customers and ISO auditors that you have a system to routinely and objectively measure, track and manage each supplier’s performance. Now, everyone involved can have confidence that your suppliers have the best reputations and results. 

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Advance Shipment Notices

Suppliers can easily complete an advance shipment notice (ASN) from within the platform and automatically send it to the buyer prior to shipment. Buyers can quickly review shipment information such as quantity, lot number and corresponding PO, as well as tracking data such as shipper, tracking number, and expected and actual delivery date. 

Each ASN includes a standardized barcode and shipping label which can be downloaded or printed directly from the platform. A quick scan of the barcode and receivers instantly know the contents of every box, so they can start unloading and sorting. No more surprises, missing items or unprepared staff. 

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Document Control

Automate the sharing and management of documents with your suppliers, so you can be sure they have the latest version of all your documents like .dwg, pdf, jpeg, .sat, and .ai  for your drawings, ASNs, schematics, manuals, prints, bill-of-materials and specifications.

Simply upload any document and it is shared with your suppliers in seconds. You can attach documents to a purchase order, a PO line or individual suppliers. SourceDay tracks every time a revised version of each document is uploaded and notifies all affected suppliers. You’ll see when a supplier confirms receipt of your document and can easily send reminders to any suppliers who are slow to acknowledge them. No more cascading errors and constant follow up.

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