Purchase Order Collaboration

PO Collaboration

Proactive Purchase Order Automation & Management

Stop chasing purchase order updates from vendors and suppliers. SourceDay helps you get real-time information on your POs. With SourceDay, managing your PO data is fast and easy, providing you with quick access to past and current information.

Take control of your purchase order management with our innovative solution. We can help you create a data interface with your suppliers to simplify purchase order collaboration.

Purchase orders change. That’s life.

The reality of modern supply chains means purchase orders will change about 52% of the time. You need a system that can be edited effortlessly. 

Without a sophisticated system for managing POs, you’re left with a hodgepodge of emails, spreadsheets, and sticky notes. SourceDay’s simple interface allows your team to see the status of every line item – on every PO – at a glance. You won’t have to worry about constantly changing data on five different platforms. Your business can focus on creating quality products without worrying about purchase order collaboration issues.

See how SourceDay can integrate with your ERP to automate purchase order (PO) changes and enable supplier collaboration.

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Automating POs with SourceDay

Connect Your ERP to Suppliers

When orders change, getting that information back to the ERP is often a manual process. SourceDay integrates directly with your ERP, no matter which one you use so that it’s always up to date. You can rest assured that you’re getting detailed information directly from the source. If you or your supplier need to make any changes to the orders, our platform makes it seamless. We will help your business create effortless purchase order collaboration with suppliers.

Manage All Open Orders in One Place

SourceDay’s innovative solution makes it easy to keep track of open purchase orders. Our intuitive dashboard allows buyers to filter orders by status, ask suppliers for updates, and make changes to outstanding orders. It’s never too late to communicate with your suppliers about changes to purchase orders. We are dedicated to creating a problem-free purchase order collaboration between suppliers and buyers.

Buyer reviews all open orders from suppliers

request line-level change

See Line-Level Details

SourceDay understands that PO changes often involve only one or two line items. That’s why our dashboard shows you every line item and allows you to communicate with suppliers on each. With SourceDay, there’s no need for complex spreadsheets or multiple emails. You’ll have every line — of every PO — at your fingertips. Your purchase order collaboration will illustrate every minute change through SourceDay’s platform.

Track & Improve Supplier Performance

Supplier relationships should be partnerships. All too often, miscommunications about PO changes lead to finger-pointing. With SourceDay, supplier scorecards are available to both parties and are updated 24/7. We keep track of the direct communication between suppliers and buyers to make sure that the data presents the full picture.

Better yet, you can easily review the performance of your entire supplier base at a glance. Set custom grading rules to reflect what performance means to your business. SourceDay can manage your systems to address any specific needs or concerns you may have.

Supplier scorecard for overall supplier performance

Drive Tangible Results

When supplier performance improves, your supply chain becomes more reliable. That means improvements in other areas of the business are sure to follow. Purchase order data issues can lead to mistakes that slow down your supply chain. Our platform prevents those little errors, leading to smoother transactions and improved customer satisfaction.

SourceDay customers report benefits like less buff stock, lower work-in-process inventory, and better manufacturing efficiency – to name a few. Take advantage of these benefits with our revolutionary one-stop platform.

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