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The go-to solution for manufacturers and distributors

Regardless of what you’re manufacturing or distributing, your inbound supply is the fuel source for your operations and your ability to get customer orders out the door.

SourceDay keeps inbound supply flowing by enabling you to proactively address the up to 70% of supply chain issues that occur before PO shipment.

Collaborate with suppliers, mitigate risk, and lead your industry with SourceDay

With patent-pending AI and Machine Learning models that provide advanced insights and a proprietary supplier engagement platform that delivers best in industry collaboration, it’s easy to see why more companies are choosing SourceDay to de-risk this critical part of their supply chain.

More on time production and more on time customer shipments

SourceDay is the leading direct spend platform for manufacturers and distributors.

  • up to 96%

    on time delivery

  • 100%

    PO data accuracy

  • 22% Reduction

    in buffer stock

  • 51% reduction

    in supplier time to acknowledge

Real SourceDay success

Learn how SourceDay empowered these businesses to operate smoother and more efficiently than ever before.

Prairie Machine


Select Brands

How a family-owned business born in the Heartland grew from a tiny mom-and-pop domestic operation to an internationally known and trusted brand by partnering with SourceDay to automate their direct materials PO management and gaining real time visibility into their inbound inventory.

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Ready for on-time deliveries and profitable returns?

Discover how SourceDay seamlessly integrates with your ERP system to optimize your operations and boost your bottom line.

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