Request For Quote Collaboration

RFQ Collaboration by SourceDay

Side-by-Side RFQ Comparisons

Review bids from multiple vendors and award business by line item.

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RFQ Collaboration by SourceDay

It’ s never been easier to compare quotes.

SourceDay makes it ridiculously simple to request quotes from suppliers and review their bids side-by-side. Want to award the whole job to one supplier? Easy.

Want to award half the bid to one supplier and the other half to another supplier? That’s easy, too.

Create New Request RFQ

Request for Quote

With the SourceDay solution, you can send RFQs to new and existing suppliers at once, then review submissions in an easy-to-read bid comparison. Our dashboard gives you a single view of which suppliers responded, their best offer, and their supplier scorecard rating. Simply choose the supplier who best meets your requirements and all the suppliers are automatically notified of your decision.

A Single, Unified Dashboard

Your dashboard view of all RFQs can be sorted by several options including status and deadline. You can easily see the number of supplier submissions for each RFQ and compare line items, quantities, dates, total cost, discount, sales tax and any notes. 

RFQ Sort Requests Published
RFQ Supplier Submissions detailed comparison

Compare Quotes, Award Business

Easily compare quotes side-by-side and award business to the suppliers of your choosing. If your quote request included several line items, SourceDay allows you to split the RFQ and award business to more than one supplier.

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