Request For Quote Collaboration

RFQ Collaboration

Ditch your spreadsheets. Manually managing RFQs puts you at risk for errors or a quote getting lost in your inbox. Digitizing your RFQ process makes it easy to compare quotes and make better-informed decisions.

Key Features

Digital RFQs

Your supplier invoices will be converted to digital information.

Dashboard with unified view of all suppliers

See everything you need to know in one place.

Bid submission management

It’s easy to compare and track every bid.

Supplier notifications

As soon as you accept a submission, the suppliers are notified.

With SourceDay’s RFQ solution, you can send RFQs to multiple new and existing suppliers at once, then review submissions in an easy-to-read bid comparison matrix. Our dashboard gives you a single view of every supplier, who responded, their best offer and their scorecard rating. Simply choose the supplier who best meets your requirements and all the suppliers are automatically notified of your decision.

How it works

New RFQ Request Product Screenshot

Request for Quote

A new RFQ is created with a click of a button. In addition to setting a deadline and adding a description, you can include any supporting documents, such as drawings or spec sheets.

Standardized forms make it straight forward to capture all the required information by guiding you through all the steps to create a new RFQ. After completing the form, the RFQ’s status automatically changes from Draft to Published, and the suppliers you choose are automatically notified that a new RFQ is waiting for their response.

Unified Dashboard

Your dashboard view of all RFQs can be sorted by several options including status and deadline. You can easily see the number of supplier submissions for each RFQ and compare line items, quantities, dates, total cost, discount, sales tax and any notes. 

Request for Quote Product Bid Comp. Screenshot

RFQ Comparison

Buyers receive quote submissions in an easy-to-read bid comparison chart with responses and historical data collected for greater cross-organization visibility.  

As soon as you accept a submission, the selected supplier receives a notification that they have won the bid. 

See it in action

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