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How RESCO Faces the “New Normal” in Supply Chain with SourceDay

Supply chain issues will continue to cause unexpected delays.

Challenges like the 2009 financial crisis, the aftermath of the Tsunami that hit Japan, and now the ongoing pandemic cause unpredictable shortages, delays, and costly games of catching up to meet demand. Disruptions—whether Mother Nature, or man-made—make it to where there’s no way to predict when you’re one shipping-container-turned-sideways away from severe delays.

In our recent webinar, Visual Sales Director for Source Day, Mike Romeyn, chatted with Kelly Grato—Senior Manager for Procurement and estimating at RESCO— on how SourceDay enables them to ride the unexpected delays we face in our “new normal” by freeing their teams to better utilize their time and collaborate with suppliers. SourceDay enables both sides to come together and stay afloat in this perfect storm of delays. Watch the recorded webinar here.

SourceDay’s Radar feature automates update requests to suppliers, enabling them to communicate what’s missing, what’s happening, and what can be done—all without overwhelming their inbox. Based on RESCO’s preference to send updates every Monday, SourceDay pings suppliers for anything that’s due in 30 days. SourceDay expedites for them and allows their team to focus on strategic, profitable work (like nurturing supplier relationships), rather than chasing PO updates or other manual tasks.

SourceDay’s Tasks feature is built with suppliers in mind. They operate in a clean, simple dashboard which shows everything they owe or are late on delivering. Even when met with resistance at first, integration of SourceDay has continued to prove successful once suppliers experience the efficiency and time-savings. RESCO’s suppliers get an even more transparent view of how they measure up by grading their on-time delivery so they understand what’s holding them back and how to improve delivery performance.

From executives all the way down to buyers and suppliers, SourceDay’s tools like Radar and Tasks free up valuable time and resources that were previously spent running back and forth checking boxes or emailing suppliers individually for each line item or PO change. With just one click in SourceDay, they’re all automatically sent at once with ease, bringing predictability back to these continuously unprecedented times.

Ready to see how SourceDay can free up your buyers’ time and improve supplier relationships? Request a demo today to meet with our team.

How RESCO Tackles Supply Chain Disruptions with SourceDay

Tune in to this on-demand webinar to hear more about how RESCO is leveraging SourceDay to bridge the communication gap between Visual and raw material suppliers.

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