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How to Monitor At-Risk Supplier Orders During COVID-19

The rapidly changing environment created by COVID-19 is making it harder than ever to know what to prioritize for your purchase orders. Fortunately, SourceDay makes it simple for you and your vendors to quickly see which orders are at-risk.

We certainly didn’t envision the current situation when SourceDay was founded. However, we inherently knew that providing buyers and suppliers with simple, effective tools to stay on top of at-risk orders was the key to managing supply chain disruption. This visibility and collaboration is more important now than ever.

In this blog, I highlight three existing SourceDay features that can help you prioritize your orders and work with your suppliers to keep your POs moving. 

3 Ways to Monitor At-Risk Supplier Orders

Late Order Tab

SourceDay allows both you and your vendor to view all past-due orders in one place. Past-due orders are housed under the Late Tab on the PO Dashboard. This allows you to be proactive in communicating with suppliers with respect to specific POs.


Mark any PO line as “Hot” to communicate to your vendor that it is a critical item.  For added visibility, both you and your vendor can navigate to the Hot Tab on the PO Dashboard. This allows you to easily see all critical items in one place.


The Radar Tab on the PO Dashboard shows all PO lines that need to be shipped in the near future. Radar is a configurable setting that adds a PO line to the Radar Tab for extra visibility.

SourceDay automatically adds the PO line to the Radar Tab 7 days prior to the last date your vendor committed to. However, you can adjust this to as low as 2 days before and as high as 60 days prior. This allows you to manage your purchase orders and supply chain as you see fit. Plus, you won’t lose visibility between you and your suppliers.

Learn more about how to avoid disruptions in your supply chain and keep your purchase orders on track with SourceDay’s PO Solution.

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