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NetSuite For Manufacturing Users: SourceDay Is the Solution

If you use NetSuite for manufacturing, the great news is that you’ve got a solution that will manage a wide range of business needs. NetSuite is one of the most robust ERP solutions on the market. It’s built for manufacturing and e-commerce, designed to provide flexibility and global capabilities for supply chain, procurement, planning, scheduling, and so much more.

If you’re a buyer or leader working in direct materials supply, you’re always looking to NetSuite to inform decisions and keep you updated on the status of the supply chain. But, the information you see in NetSuite is only accurate if it’s been entered recently and accurately. 

For many supply teams, this is a big issue. Data is often batched once a week or maybe twice a month, leaving leaders scratching their heads about decisions.

And for NetSuite for manufacturing businesses looking to scale up, data entry is only one hurdle. Purchase orders (POs) often present their own challenges to these teams. The life of a PO can be weeks or even months, and during that time a huge number of changes can occur. In fact, according to our research, more than half of all POs will change in their lifetime.

  • Have those changes been entered into NetSuite? 
  • Was the information entered soon enough? 
  • Is it accurate? 
  • How do you know for sure?

And, there’s the issue of correspondence. Procurement must be in regular contact with their suppliers about all of this information and it must be delivered fast. Unfortunately, many teams still send information via email and spreadsheet, which creates delays and plenty of opportunity for mistakes.

If your supply chain relies on NetSuite for manufacturing operations, then you must bridge the gap between buyers, suppliers, and your ERP. SourceDay is the solution to make it happen.

SourceDay automates the entire PO process and brings suppliers together with buyers into a single collaboration solution. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Seeing & Believing

In addition to manufacturing, many companies use NetSuite to drive their e-commerce business, and what’s more important in e-commerce than on-time customer delivery? Under old manual systems involving emails and spreadsheets, supply chain data is anyone’s guess. 

  • Did the supplier receive the PO?
  • Did they send an acknowledgment? 
  • Did the buyer receive the acknowledgment?
  • Will the shipment be full and on-time?
  • Or will it be late and partial?
  • Has all of this information been entered into NetSuite?

This is the supply chain grind, and it’s a thing of the past. SourceDay provides true supply chain visibility across every PO line, shipment, and supplier correspondence. 

No more emails, my friend. And we mean it. Buyers and suppliers now communicate within the context of every PO line, with notes, updates, and changes communicated in real time. There is never a question about an order or delivery status. There is never a communication delay, waiting for a supplier to find an email in a cluttered inbox.

By integrating directly with NetSuite, SourceDay makes absolutely certain that all data is accurate and up-to-date. When communications are sent or received, NetSuite gets an update. The instant a PO line is changed, NetSuite knows. If a shipment is marked late or partial, that information is automatically written into NetSuite. 

If you rely on NetSuite for manufacturing, you absolutely need every piece of data to be 100% accurate—all the time. Only then can you plan and forecast properly. Only then can you implement supplier strategies to avoid costly delays. Only then can you make agile adjustments to save money and keep supply flowing.

Never Again Overworked & Burnt Out

Direct materials teams who use NetSuite for manufacturing and e-commerce can easily get bogged down in all the clerical work. In fact, it’s common for buyers to spend dozens of hours each week on menial tasks like data entry, spreadsheet searching, and email correspondence. 

We’ve heard from many teams that their buyers are close to burnout, often working nights and weekends just to keep up.

The issue of labor cost savings is obviously a big issue here, any manager or leader can see that. Buyers are smart, savvy professionals who know their stuff, but many are not utilized to their potential because they’re required to focus so much of their time on manual work. If your buyers end up being glorified clerks, you’re in trouble.

For companies who rely on NetSuite for manufacturing and e-commerce, SourceDay has a proven track record of reducing buyer’s PO clerical work by 25% over the first year. 

By automating every aspect of the PO lifecycle, procurement teams can focus on deepening supplier relationships, diversifying the supplier base to avoid disruptions, and ultimately get home in time for dinner, or soccer practice, or important time with their dogs.

Protect your team from burnout and costly attrition. Give them the solution they need to work smarter, not harder.

Come Together, Right Now

SourceDay is an automation solution that doubles as a collaboration platform for suppliers and buyers. Remember all those emails and spreadsheets? Gone. SourceDay is the single solution to eliminate them and get everyone on your NetSuite manufacturing and e-commerce team on the same page with suppliers.

Buyers communicate with suppliers directly within the context of specific PO lines, and everything has a paper trail. Users receive notifications each time an update is made, which allows buyers to manage by exception rather than combing over long spreadsheets looking for relevant data.

SourceDay’s supplier scorecard feature fosters mutual accountability by tracking key performance metrics. Now you know for sure how everyone is doing, and you can make adjustments accordingly. If a specific supplier is often late or partial on a part, you can make choices like adding a secondary supplier or adjusting planning.

Only SourceDay brings everyone together around clean data and gives buyers and suppliers the ability to work around that data seamlessly.

Ready to learn more about how SourceDay can boost your NetSuite for manufacturing operation? We’re ready to show you more. 

Drop us a line and let’s get to work.

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