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SourceDay Boosts Infor Supply Chain Management Performance for Direct Materials Manufacturers

Alright, Infor LN, Syteline, and Visual users: let’s talk. Your Infor enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a strong, robust tool that sets you up for success across the business, and your supply chain is one of the most important aspects that it manages. Supply issues are common, and having all the data you need in one place is critical to making sound decisions about inventory planning, demand management, and demand planning.

Infor is robust, and to truly extend its value throughout your entire supply chain, you’ll need a solution like SourceDay to streamline workflows, ensure all your purchase order (PO) data stays up-to-date, and give everyone involved accurate visibility across the entire supply chain. If you’re an Infor supply chain management professional, it’s time to automate and collaborate.

According to our research, over half of all POs will change at some point before they are approved. That means your teams must be ready to respond when something new arises. 

SourceDay provides workflows that are simple to follow and eliminate dozens of hours of clerical work each week. Your teams now receive supplier acknowledgments and changes automatically, and are prompted to take action when a PO has changed or needs attention.

For many Infor supply chain management teams, these tasks take hours or days to complete, and the data they’re working with is outdated because of the manual nature of their workflows. Batching data every 10 or 14 days is a recipe for disaster and overall poor supply chain productivity. 

SourceDay puts information directly in your hands with complete PO history and real-time information about dates, times, quantities, and price changes. Along with predictive analytics, this information simplifies decision-making, giving you clear direction on what steps to take next.

And, SourceDay doesn’t just provide PO data. The solution monitors supplier performance in real time, so you can see who is coming through for you and who needs to step up their game. For serious Infor supply chain management organizations, this is an invaluable tool. 

Many direct materials manufacturers rely on a small segment of their supplier base for most of their parts. In the past, this approach made sense, but over the last three years it has become less reliable. Now, disruptions occur almost daily, which means you must account for more than just price.

Consider this: if Supplier A has the lowest price, but they consistently deliver partial or late shipments, you need to know. You need a clear visual representation of that information. Armed with it, you can now make strategic decisions about who to buy from, how much, and how often. Maybe it’s time to buy a little more from Supplier B or Supplier C every now and then. 

Now, instead of a reactionary approach to supply, buyers can work strategically to get the best prices, ensure consistent delivery, and keep supplier performance high. SourceDay gives you the tools to both monitor and boost supplier performance. Real-time supplier scorecards provide regular updates on how suppliers are doing with on-time delivery, pricing, and communication metrics so you can build profitable long-term relationships.

In addition to supplier metrics, a collaboration solution like SourceDay provides a robust set of data tools that allows you to monitor your entire PO operation over time. Compare 30-60-90 day trends, monitor total dollars created in PO spend, overall percentage PO spend, cash flow protection, cost increase impact, demand planning, and more. Measuring efficiency and productivity lets you know where to make changes in your process to improve. 

Buyers working on Infor supply chain management teams are often overwhelmed by the long, manual nature of their workloads. If your buyers are working long hours into the evenings and on weekends just to keep up with their daily task load, it’s time to reevaluate your approach. The email approach is slow and difficult to track, and it’s easy for correspondence to be missed. Don’t rely on combing through spreadsheets and inboxes hoping to get lucky and find the magic piece of info you need.

If you’re serious about being a successful Infor supply chain management business, get out of email and spreadsheets for good. Automate the PO process and bring buyers together with suppliers in one collaborative solution. SourceDay eliminates about 30% of a buyer’s PO workload. That’s dozens of hours of supply chain productivity, and a windfall of thousands of dollars saved on labor. 

Buyers are one of the most valuable assets in the organization. If you fail to improve their workflows and reduce their stress, buyers can quickly become burned out, putting their organizations at high risk of attrition—a risk you simply cannot afford. The average buyer’s salary has increased significantly over the last three years, but it’s about much more than just a number. 

The knowledge they carry about your Infor supply chain management processes and suppliers is also invaluable, and if a buyer leaves, they take all that knowledge with them. The time it will take to train someone new will be costly, not just in hard dollars, but in the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization. 

Infor supply chain management teams are looking to the future, embracing technology to automate long, arduous work processes and provide clear supply chain visibility for everyone involved. Demand planning and demand management are made simpler with accurate supply chain data, and supplier performance gets a consistent boost as teams monitor their metrics and make strategic adjustments.

SourceDay works with your ERP to automate PO processes and give buyers and suppliers a simple way to collaborate on their work. Ready to learn more about how SourceDay can boost your Infor supply chain management performance? Let’s schedule a quick call and we’ll show you everything you need to know.

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