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SourceDay Offers Unified Supplier Collaboration With Acumatica Integration

Manufacturers and suppliers must work closely together if they want to keep production moving, orders filled, and customers pleased. Buyers often work alongside dozens or hundreds of suppliers, and find it difficult to navigate different workstyles and hundreds of email threads. This leads to missed acknowledgments, delays, and down the line, late delivery. Not to mention the overbearing workload that quickly leads to burnout and employee attrition.

Email correspondence is not the way to manage critical PO changes. These messages are almost never entered into Acumatica ERP properly (or at all), and the inaccurate data affects everything down the line like production, planning, schedules, finances, and even sales. 

If you’re a company using Acumatica ERP, you must rely on the ERP as the single source of truth. But without automated data capture and entry, how confident are you in the data you see?  

Our research shows that over half of all direct material POs will change at some point in their lifetime. You need visibility into every part, every order, every shipment throughout their life cycles. And you need to know you can rely on the data you’re looking at. SourceDay offers direct Acumatica integration, capturing all correspondence and changes, logging them, and providing every stakeholder with visibility into the entire supply chain. 

Visibility extends to more than just PO changes. SourceDay provides insights into other KPIs like on-time in full, cash flow protection, move in/move outs, and demand planning. And leaders can look even deeper, seeing the number of changes per PO and how long it takes to receive a response on the most critical orders.

SourceDay guarantees PO delivery. If a supplier uses email, no problem. SourceDay delivers POs directly to their inbox and notifies the buyer when the email has been opened or forwarded. Then with one click from the email, the supplier can make changes or updates directly from their browser. All of this is with no supplier onboarding required, and with full data visibility for the manufacturer through Built For Acumatica integration.

Larger suppliers might be committed to an EDI approach, and SourceDay integrates directly with those systems. 

And if a supplier chooses to adopt the SourceDay solution, they’ll get free access, full onboarding and support, and the ability to co-manage PO changes and updates within the solution.

Supplier scorecards provide critical KPI data that can be used to have strategic conversations about performance improvement. This is mutual accountability and true collaboration: bringing each side together around mutual goals. Supplier scorecards are configurable, and provide information on metrics like on-time delivery, responsiveness, price variance, etc.

SourceDay’s shipping module gives buyers visibility into the most critical shipment information, as well as real delivery dates. When an order is ready to ship, SourceDay captures quantity, tracking information, and PO number so receiving teams can plan accordingly. This information is transmitted to the ERP thanks to SourceDay’s direct Acumatica integration.

Procurement teams are guaranteed timely PO confirmations and notifications each time a change is made by a supplier. SourceDay’s Purchase Order dashboard makes it simple to manage POs by volume from one location. Prescriptive workflows guide buyers through critical tasks efficiently. And when a supplier makes a change, buyers receive notifications to accept or deny them.

Discrepancies between PO and MRP data are highlighted. No more combing through spreadsheets for hours looking for relevant information. Orders are managed by exception and everything is updated to the ERP directly via SourceDay’s Acumatica integration.

Speaking of integration, SourceDay is Built-for-Acumatica, which means quick onboarding, lightweight integration, and a very fast time to value. All this is combined with SourceDay’s world class onboarding and customer support via live training and support, on-demand walkthroughs, and a huge searchable knowledge base.

Only SourceDay unifies supplier collaboration, giving buyers a single automated solution to manage POs from all suppliers across any working style. Buyers, suppliers, and leaders get shared visibility for every order, plan, request, acknowledgment, receipt and payment matching. 

SourceDay facilitates real time orchestration between buyers and suppliers so they are continually aligned and held mutually accountable as orders change (and they will!).

And it’s all accomplished through direct Acumatica integration, providing Acumatica users with another way to extend the value of their ERP investment. Only SourceDay brings buyers and suppliers together around shared data and collaboration—with no supplier onboarding required. 

Suppliers keep their workflows, buyers get a single source of truth, and leaders get true supply chain visibility that allows them to plan ahead, protect cash flow, and eliminate hundreds of hours of needless clerical work on their buying teams.

All that clerical work is bad for business all around. Automation is the key to lightening the workload and freeing up teams to work smarter and more strategically, not just harder and for longer.

As a Built-for-Acumatica solution, SourceDay offers a seamless Acumatica integration with light IT involvement, and a track record of boosting the performance of supply chains who use Acumatica ERP.

Ready to learn more about how SourceDay can boost your supply chain’s performance and extend the value of your Acumatica ERP? Send us a note here and let’s get started.

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