Supply Chain Performance

Advancing Supply Chain Collaboration: SourceDay Announces Partnership with SPS Commerce to Promise 100% PO Delivery

At SourceDay, we recognize the critical role of supply chain predictability and control in the success of manufacturing operations. As part of SourceDay’s 100% PO delivery and end-to-end visibility, we’re proud to announce SourceDay EDI, powered by SPS Commerce, our most strategic and differentiated partnership created to push the envelope of what supply chain collaboration looks like.

The Current Landscape

Manufacturers have made significant strides in operational efficiency by adopting ERP systems. However, most still interact with suppliers through multiple channels and processes – emails, phone calls, supplier portals, EDI, fax, and more. This outdated approach needs to be more scalable and breeds risk and inefficiency, leading to high holding costs, production delays, and missed shipments.

Our Solution:

We’re delivering a robust supply chain collaboration platform that connects with all suppliers, now including those using EDI, and our customer’s ERP systems, driving inbound supply assurance and optimizing business outcomes.

The SourceDay Difference

  • Predictability: With 100% PO delivery and complete visibility into supplier action, the SourceDay platform helps you avoid disruptions and maintain a steady production schedule.
  • Risk Mitigation:  Take control of every aspect of your supply chain interactions, reducing the risk associated with manual processes and disparate communication systems—no limitations based on what technology your suppliers use to collaborate.
  • Efficiency:  Our approach to modernize supplier communication streamlines operations by eliminating manual data entry and clutter from multiple communication channels. This translates into direct operational overhead savings as your team spends less time on phone calls and emails and more on strategic activities. 

The Imperative for Supply Chain

In a business landscape where every efficiency gain matters, CFOs and Boards are increasingly focused on eliminating inefficiencies that impact the bottom line. SourceDay, with its suite of supply chain collaboration features, leads this transformation. Our partnership with SPS Commerce is a testament to this leadership, offering a comprehensive platform that works with all suppliers and EDI connections to enhance supply chain reliability and company financial health. 

It’s time to move away from archaic PO management processes holding your business back. With SourceDay’s platform evolved to guarantee that every purchase order reaches its intended supplier, bridging technological divides and enhancing communication effectiveness. Now, suppliers have the flexibility to engage with POs through three convenient options: (1) no-login email workflow, (2) opt for full platform interaction by creating an account, or (3) seamlessly integrate their existing EDI feeds directly with SourceDay. This adaptability ensures that you’re not just keeping up but setting the pace for the future of manufacturing.

Embrace the future of supply chain collaboration today. Schedule a demo and see how we can transform your supply chain and drive better business outcomes.