Supplier Collaboration

SourceDay Unifies Collaboration For Every Supplier

Procurement teams work with suppliers of different sizes who have dozens of different systems for processing orders. Email is the most common, while some might use a portal or EDI. Either way, it falls on buyers to adapt their workflows to each individual supplier.

SourceDay is putting a stop to all the disconnect and manual work with Unified Supplier Collaboration.

Suppliers choose their own workflow. Buyers manage every supplier from one solution and a single process. 

If suppliers like their email approach, they keep it! If they prefer EDI, that’s also fine! And if they decide to take advantage of everything the SourceDay solution has to offer, they’ll have access to so much more!

That means no matter what approach suppliers use:

  • Every PO is delivered. 
  • Every acknowledgement, update, and line change is processed with automated workflows.
  • ERP data is always 100% accurate. 

And SourceDay does all this with virtually no supplier onboarding or enablement necessary. If all this sounds too good to be true, well, buckle up because we’ve got a lot more to show you.

SourceDay’s Unified Collaboration is a first in direct materials procurement, and we believe it will transform how buyers and suppliers work together. This is how transactional relationships are transformed into profitable, strategic partnerships.

Welcome to Unified Supplier Collaboration. Let’s get to work.

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