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The Dream Team: SourceDay & Acumatica For Manufacturing

Recently, the manufacturing world has sped up considerably. Companies have had to adapt quickly to a landscape that seems to change by the day. 

Learning to work and excel in this environment has also brought many lessons on the supply chain front. Direct materials procurement is more complex than ever, making it difficult to ensure you have the parts and materials you need on time.

Every manufacturer and supply chain team relies on their ERP to manage the most critical parts of their business. Companies who use Acumatica for manufacturing can manage all aspects of their business in one place – purchases, inventory, production orders, and more. Acumatica is a robust solution, but it must be managed daily in order to keep its data accurate.

For many supply chain teams, data accuracy is a big challenge. Buyers and other team members must manually update orders, purchase order (PO) lines, shipment information, and other data points. 

Some teams can keep up with this manual workload, but many cannot. Batching data once per week or two weeks is a recipe for disaster, because it means decisions are being made on old information. 

Supply chain teams who use Acumatica for manufacturing are often mired in this process. A buyer sends a PO to a supplier via email, then waits for the acknowledgment. When does that acknowledgment come? Who knows. Maybe in five minutes, maybe tomorrow, maybe not at all. Or maybe they sent it and the buyer missed it. 

Either way, the buying team is immediately under pressure to move things forward in a system that is not designed for speed or accountability.

This is just one example of the challenges faced by direct materials procurement teams in today’s fast-paced world of manufacturing. And it’s a great time to introduce the solution that can change it all for businesses who rely on Acumatica for manufacturing.

SourceDay integrates with your Acumatica ERP to bridge the gap between procurement and suppliers. As a robust supplier portal, SourceDay brings buyers and suppliers together so they can work on POs, communicate about changes or updates, and monitor performance.


Remember those manual ERP updates? With SourceDay, they’re a thing of the past. 

SourceDay integrates directly to your Acumatica ERP, then immediately writes all new data to it in real time. No more data errors, no more long hours of manual data entry, and no more surprises on the loading dock.

We call this supply chain visibility, and it’s the first tenet of the SourceDay Way. A buyer or supply chain leader should be able to immediately know the status of every order, every shipment, and every relevant piece of data related to them. 

Only then can Acumatica manufacturing leaders make informed decisions about production and demand planning, forecasting, and supplier strategy. SourceDay guarantees accurate data so you know what to expect and when.


One of the most powerful aspects of the SourceDay solution is the ability for buyers and suppliers to work closely together on orders and shipments. Earlier, we touched on the email approach, when buyers and suppliers send information back and forth with very little context. This is a slow, outdated method.

Say goodbye to emails, spreadsheets, sticky notes, texts, and phone calls with SourceDay. Buyers use SourceDay to communicate directly with suppliers within the context of the PO they’re working on. Notes are made, updates are sent, acknowledgments received, and time is freed up.

SourceDay’s supplier scorecard feature automatically tracks how suppliers are performing across a number of metrics like on-time delivery. This system fosters mutual accountability because there’s never a question of when information is sent, updates made, or delivery received. 

Everyone is in the know about all relevant information all the time. Acumatica manufacturing supply teams must bridge the gap between what’s happening in real time and what everyone sees.

The SourceDay Way

SourceDay is the only solution that guarantees accurate ERP data, eliminates mountains of clerical work, and lets buyers work closely with suppliers like strategic partners. Gone are the thousands of emails, hundreds of spreadsheets, and long hours on nights and weekends.

SourceDay automates the entire PO process from beginning to end—with no more supplier misses.

If your business relies on Acumatica for manufacturing, SourceDay is the solution that will bridge the gap and streamline your supply operations.

Let us show you how SourceDay can impact your business. Ready to automate and collaborate? Drop us a line here and let’s get started.

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