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Syteline & CSI Meet SourceDay

Supply chain performance software for Syteline-powered manufacturers.

SourceDay Serves Syteline-Powered Manufacturers

Whether your organization runs on an on-premise Syteline ERP or the cloud-based CloudSuite Industrial system, SourceDay picks up where the ERP leaves off — communicating with suppliers.

With bills of materials that can be hundreds, even thousands, of lines long, your team needs something more powerful than email and spreadsheets to manage orders. Find out why discrete manufacturers trust SourceDay.

Straight From the Source

Don’t take it from us. Hear from a SourceDay customer who runs their business on Syteline’s ERP system.

UEC’s Results with SourceDay


  • Data from all vendors in one place, in real time.
  • Ensure timely acknowledgements from all vendors.
  • 100% accurate PO data in Syteline ERP system.
  • Buyers save time and can manage POs by exception.


  • Frequently missed PO acknowledgements leading to delayed parts.
  • Resources tied up in unnecessary buffer stock.
  • Inefficient processes led to incorrect invoices.
  • Manual PO processing monopolized buyers’ time.


Get More from Your Syteline-Powered ERP

If you are a discrete manufacturer, some areas of ERP functionality are an absolute ‘must.’ This list likely includes production scheduling, supplier and supply chain visibility, and inventory management. How well your ERP meets those requirements can make the difference between positioning your company for growth and unintentionally holding it back.

Download this essential tip sheet to learn how to maximize the ROI of your Syteline-powered ERP.

“If your organization lives and dies by data that’s in the business system, you must understand it and make sure your data is good data. SourceDay offers a centralized location that makes vendor updates easily accessible, promoting users to be accountable for ensuring data is up to date and accurate. Buyers are thus empowered to be more effective and productive.”

Brian Maden, Global Supply Manager, UEC

The Materials You Need, When You Need Them

Engineer-to-order organizations know the importance of supplier relationships. With complex bills of materials, managing the arrival of hundreds of parts requires coordinated effort across a team of procurement professionals.

SourceDay offers a transparent platform where team members can keep track of all outstanding orders, negotiate with suppliers on a line-item basis, and ensure the right parts arrive at the right time.

ERP Last Updated Graphic

Syteline & CSI Automatically Updated With Supplier Changes

Whether your organization is on the cloud or not, SourceDay integrates with all Syteline-powered systems.

When suppliers make changes to prices, quantities, or delivery dates (and your team accepts them), SourceDay automatically updates the ERP with the most accurate information.

Discrete manufacturing simplified.

Boost Supply Chain Performance

With more consistent supplier performance, manufacturing efficiency and customer satisfaction is bound to improve, along with many other key performance indicators.

Down lines because of a missing part are a thing of the past with SourceDay.

Supplier Adoption Handled

Getting suppliers using a new technology can take some convincing. We’ll take the lead on getting your suppliers using—and loving—SourceDay. And we’ll onboard any new suppliers you bring on, too.

We guarantee supplier adoption and will start with your most strategic accounts first.

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