Infor VISUAL + SourceDay

A cloud solution for an on-premise ERP.

Extend VISUAL’s Capabilities With SourceDay

Meet the cloud-based supply chain performance software that integrates with any ERP—even on-premise systems like Infor VISUAL.

SourceDay’s collaborative suite of products was designed to make communicating and negotiating with suppliers easier. Gain full, line-level visibility into all orders and ensure you have the materials you need to meet customer expectations.

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your VISUAL ERP


Do More With Your VISUAL ERP

Infor VISUAL’s ERP system is a powerful tool for manufacturers. But when it comes to communicating with suppliers and managing orders, it leaves something to be desired.

Learn how your organization can get the most from VISUAL’s powerful functionality.

Straight From the Source

Hear from customers of both VISUAL & SourceDay about their experience with both products.

Napoleon’s Suppliers Adopt to SourceDay

Napoleon’s ERP Improvement Manager Louise Mayer talks about supplier adoption during a live Q&A hosted by SourceDay’s CMO Sarah Moore

Implementing SourceDay with VISUAL

Louise from Napoleon gives us some insight on the ease of implementation of SourceDay into Visual ERP.

Napoleon Products Results with SourceDay


  • ERP Data Always Up-to-Date 100% accurate PO planning and payment data in ERP
  • Accurate POs Improve Visibility 35% increase in on-time supplier delivery
  • Fewer Mismatched Invoices 90% reduction in incorrect invoices per week
  • Time Savings Buyers save 1-2 hours per day


  • Inaccurate POs PO errors undermined planning & inventory management effectiveness
  • Late Deliveries Late supplier deliveries led to underutilization of company resources
  • Incorrect Invoices 10-12 incorrect invoices per day driving higher labor costs
  • Margin Creep Margin erosion resulting from higher expedite costs & overpaying suppliers

You’ll Love SourceDay, Too

Improve Supply Chain Performance

Outdated supplier communication channels like email, spreadsheets, and faxes have no place in modern supply chains. When one late part can delay an entire order, transparent communication with suppliers is key.

Get the complete picture of all outstanding orders in one platform and watch manufacturing efficiency, on-time deliveries, and other key performance indicators improve.

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Take Infor VISUAL Anywhere

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the ability to access ERP data outside of the office is crucial.

SourceDay’s cloud-based solution integrates with Infor VISUAL’s ERP system, automatically syncing supplier updates 24/7.

Order-driven manufacturing made easier.

Monitor Supplier Performance

Order-driven manufacturing requires consistency from suppliers in order to run smoothly. Price variances, low responsiveness rates, and late orders make it harder to hit your customer commitments.

Because SourceDay houses all supplier communication, you can accurately measure performance in these areas for the first time. Monitor supplier performance in real time with customizable scorecards, so you know which suppliers to trust—and which to keep an eye on.

We’ll Take Care of Supplier Onboarding

The last thing most suppliers want is another portal. We’re committed to improving the buyer-supplier relationship, and that means making sure your suppliers love SourceDay as much as you do.

We’ll take the lead on getting your suppliers using—and loving—SourceDay.

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