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The technology solutions you provide should be powerful game changers resulting in increased efficiency and faster time to revenue. Software solutions that optimize the ERP increase the value of the investment. SourceDay exists to do just that. We rely on channel partners who have their customers’ best interest at heart. SourceDay takes care of those direct material PO changes and automatically updates the ERP so the data is always accurate. That is a tremendous strategic advantage resulting in faster time to revenue for your valued customers. SourceDay realizes the intrinsic value of partners and empower our partners to move their customers to faster, better ERP data and revenue.

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Extend Your Sales Approach

Incorporate a solution that addresses even more of your prospects’ pain points and close more deals. Strengthen your roles as a “Trusted Advisor” to become more sticky with your customers by providing them with an innovative solution like SourceDay to improve their business.

Supercharge the ERP

SourceDay bridges the gap between the ERP, buyers, and suppliers by writing all PO data directly into the ERP itself, eliminating dozens of hours of clerical work. There’s never a better time to add SourceDay than when supply chains are under heavy pressure to perform.

Quick Integration

SourceDay cloud-based PO management software is purchased by manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail companies who offer free access to their suppliers. Our system integrates with your customers’ commonly used ERP systems to digitize the purchase order process so buyers and suppliers can see real-time information.

It Really Works

SourceDay eliminates about 30% of a buyer’s daily PO workload, data is always accurate, and everyone has visibility across the supply chain. Buyers and suppliers can communicate easily and work together to manage orders and ensure supply is predictable.

Who do we partner with?

SourceDay is a perfect partner for companies selling into mid-size manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers. We’ve built our solution to be integrate with any ERP. SourceDay works directly with any ERP via flat file integration, which allows you to automatically import and export data from SourceDay to your ERP system. That means you can use SourceDay to manage every PO from beginning to end without custom integration required. It’s never been simpler to bundle SourceDay with a new ERP integration.

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