EUG Webinar 06.15.22

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Supplier Adoption: The SECRET SAUCE to Buyer/Supplier Collaboration Success

You are constantly bombarded with RFQ’s, purchase orders, updates, status inquiries, and changes. Staying on top of all the spreadsheets, emails, faxes and phone calls from all your suppliers is more than a full time job. Supplier portals are great…ONLY if your suppliers use them!

In this on-demand webinar, Jim Frye discusses how SourceDay automates buyer and supplier collaboration to make your business more efficient, nips delays in the bud on the first mile of supply chain management so you can gain control and be proactive not reactive resulting in on-time order deliveries for your customers. Satisfied customers is the key to your success.

Sneak peak, Jim Frye will reveal the key to getting suppliers to use a collaboration tool…SourceDay is provided for free to suppliers! Just how does SourceDay make that happen? Watch now and find out!