Expert Predictions: Top Supply Chain Advice for 2021

Expert Predictions: Top Supply Chain Advice for 2021

Supply chain disruption is not a new concept. Businesses experience disruption throughout the year, every year. But if we know one thing, it’s that COVID-19 caused unprecedented disruption in 2020 and forced supply chains to reckon with weak spots in their operations.

In this conversation, hear directly from leading supply chain experts on what they’ve learned from 2020, what they’re seeing organizations do to prepare for 2021, and what success will look like in post-COVID supply chains.

Supply Chain Performance Measures That Fell Short in 2020

The Hackett Group's Laura Gibbons shares the key areas of supply chain performance where organizations fell short last year—and where organizations should focus attention in 2021.

Getting Started with Digital Transformation

Laura Gibbons of the Hackett Group and Sarah Moore of SourceDay discuss how to get started with digital transformation and avoid "band-aid" solutions this year.

How Supply Chains Will Change in 2021

SourceDay's CMO Sarah Moore shares her predictions for how supply chains will change this year, focusing especially on the evolution of the supplier relationship.

Expert Predictions: Top Supply Chain Advice for 2021

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Laura Gibbons

The Hackett Group

Ms. Gibbons has 10 years of industry and consulting experience in areas such as procurement strategy, organizational and process design, digital transformation, strategic sourcing and category management. She previously worked in The Hackett Group’s Strategy and Operations consulting practice, specializing in sourcing, procurement and supply chain. Before joining The Hackett Group, she worked in product development and strategy and operations at Groupon.

Sarah Moore


Sarah Moore is the CMO of SourceDay. Sarah brings 25 years of leadership experience at Software as a Service companies. She’s dedicated her career to helping companies adopt new technology to solve old problems in a variety of enterprise software categories, including supply chain, ecommerce, BPM, and SMMS. As the company’s lead marketer, Sarah is passionate about celebrating SourceDay customers’ success and encouraging others to learn what’s possible when they embrace change.

Emilie Bingham


Emilie is a content strategist, ghostwriter, and editor. She has worked in tech startups and publishing houses and has written case studies about accounting, books about how to be happy, and everything in between. At SourceDay, Emilie writes often about supply chain performance and helps customers tell their success stories.