Overcoming Labor Shortages with Technology

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Overcoming Labor Shortages with Technology

It’s no secret that in today’s world, the workforce looks different. Workers work differently, and companies must be agile and ready to adjust their processes quickly. In 2022, the supply chain workforce is seeing record high labor shortages, with more than a 50% increased demand for supply chain professionals.

Companies are seeing 65-70% of these professionals change jobs within six months of starting, which is barely enough time to train a new employee. When hired, individuals demand higher pay, and once hired, we see a 28% turnover rate across the supply chain industry.

The big question is why? And what can companies do to avoid what feels like the inevitable?

Tune in to this on-demand webinar with Phillip Pavelka and Mike Romeyn, manufacturing veterans, as they discuss what their data shows them on why these trends are so relevant in 2022 and what they know can help companies get ahead of these high turnover rates.

Mike Romeyn

Sales Director

Phillip Pavelka

Director, Syteline/CSI IMO Practice