PO Collaboration: SourceDay + Epicor

Epicor ERP Integration

PO Collaboration: SourceDay + Epicor

Your Epicor ERP streamlines a lot of your processes, but when it comes to PO changes, your team is still stuck in manual work, like spreadsheets, emails, and Post-it notes. SourceDay leverages the power of your Epicor ERP through a robust integration that handles all communication of changes for you and your suppliers within one solution, so everyone is on the same page—all the time.

By digitizing and automating the manual work your purchasing teams are doing, SourceDay makes your business stronger and more resilient. 

Ensuring SourceDay is an expert on the Epicor ERP is a top priority for our team. We have a dedicated group of experts who are constantly researching and handling our strategic partnerships with Epicor partners to continue to be the most valuable addition to your ERP.

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