Unified Vision: Elevating Supplier Collaboration with SourceDay’s NEW Interactive PO

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Unified Vision: SourceDay’s New Interactive PO & Supplier Workflows

Watch as we introduce Unified Supplier Collaboration and dive into SourceDay’s new Interactive PO feature. Get a complete understanding of the impact and the benefits our new Interactive PO will bring to your team and suppliers. Don’t miss the chance to see how we’re taking supplier collaboration to the next level.

Why attend?

  1. Seamless Interaction: Learn how SourceDay’s new features create an unparalleled user experience for both buyers and suppliers.
  2. Innovative & Flexible Collaboration: Discover the different ways suppliers and buyers can interact, ensuring operational efficiency while providing flexibility.
  3. Future-Proof Your Supply Chain: With Unified Supplier Collaboration, you’ll be ready for whatever challenges you encounter while keeping your supplier relationships on the best terms.

Leah Morelos

VP of Success

Kelli Stanley

Director of Product Marketing

Michael Malthaner

Senior Solution Consultant