50 Women in ERP to Follow 2022

2022 Women in ERP to Follow

SourceDay’s Women In ERP initiative aims to bring together, educate, and empower women involved with ERP transformations. We asked our community to nominate inspiring Women in ERP, and we are excited to share the Top 50 Women in ERP to Follow in 2022. These women were nominated by their peers for being absolute rockstars, leading transformational change at their companies, and being the best of the best in ERP.

See the impact these Women in ERP
have made in their organizations

Allison Ellis

EVP of Sales @ Godlan, Inc

What problem do you solve at work, and how?

“Our purpose is to deliver complete visibility into business processes allowing manufacturers to run accurate and efficient operations. We create customer-centric experiences focused on leveraging technology for ERP and IoT. Our team is lasered in on two things: manufacturing and embraceable change management.”

Any advice for other women in working in ERP or tech?

“Manage your energy. Each day is a beautiful roller coaster and the more aware you are of how to protect your energy level, the better off you will be. And yes, it’s within you. You got this.”

What their nominators had to say:

“Allison’s body of work stands for itself, but her individualized, targeted approach to EVERY business relationship is the true key to her success. She fosters an open dialogue with customers, reacting quickly to concerns, and proactively seeking ways to ensure their growth and success.”

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Anna McGovern

Founder & Managing Director @ Pondview Consulting, LLC

What makes you so good at your job?

“What makes me unique is that I have spent my career equally on demand and supply planning side and the strategic sourcing and procurement operations side. I know the end-to-end supply chain and know how to leverage supplier partnerships to create profitable growth through the value chain.”

Any advice for other women in working in ERP or tech?

“You must have executive sponsorship for an ERP implementation. You need top-down support to drive the cultural change with an ERP implementation. The users must be brought in early to help guide the change; you need a strong business process leader and a strong consulting team to implement the solution.”

What their nominators had to say:

“Anna is one of the kindest women in the ERP community empowering others around her and always willing to go out of her way to help others.”

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Maryben Omollo

Director @ Greenseal Limited

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

“I was an under performer in junior and senior levels in school—nobody would have guessed I’d ever become a Founder/CEO or be an international award winner. “

Any advice for other women in working in ERP or tech?

“Believe in yourself, stand up for yourself, and be your own cheerleader. The road isn’t smooth and don’t stop at anything unless you’re pulling another woman up.”

What problem do you solve at work, and how?

“I solve hygiene problems, such as pests and uncleaned working space. I concentrate on and work with single mothers—they are 90% of our employees. I believe in Women Empowerment and that’s what I have been championing.”

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Canda Rozier

President @ Collabra Consulting

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

“I’ve been to all 50 states and 60+ countries. I’m also a published poet.”

Any advice for other women in working in ERP or tech?

“Be your authentic self. Never stop learning. Whatever you do, ethics matter – your reputation both precedes and follows you.”

What their nominators had to say:

“In my work with Canda, I have found her to have deep knowledge and insights around the nuances of ERP acquisition and configuration. I feel confident that Canda will help an enterprise get the ERP they need at a reasonable cost as opposed to a slow, over specified, over installed, and over budget implementation. As Canda works through an ERP design and implementation, she improves and harmonizes the procurement policy and procedures to align with industry best practices within the ERP framework.”

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Stephanie Shrader

Sr Director, Strategic Sourcing @ Light & Wonder

What makes you so good at your job?

“I choose positive self-talk over self-sabotage and doubt, and when you surround yourself by a strong team, wiser than you, they can pick you up when you are down or call you out on things you should do better. You are that person right back to your team as well. Our motto at Light & Wonder includes being Bold and as a woman in Supply Chain, you will not get ahead without this trait. You never give up, even when you want to!”

What problem do you solve at work, and how?

“I have spent most of my career in Supply Chain, Procurement and Sourcing…the question is really what problem do we NOT solve. I tell people my job is to carry my broom and dustpan wherever I go. Constantly cleaning up messes and I feel like Chief Problem Solver should be in my title.”

Any advice for other women in working in ERP or tech?

“Our business cannot function without data and GOOD DATA. This all goes along with ERP and the tech space in my opinion. This is such a great field to be in and what a humongous challenge but so worthwhile! Keep it fun! It is still a male dominated area however that is changing so be strong and confident and give it a try!”

The full list of Women in ERP to Follow in 2022

Linda Behan

Sr Director, Global Procurement @ Boston Consulting Group

Kayley Bell

CEO @ DSD Business Systems

Patricia Bennett

CEO @ PC Bennett Solutions

Kim Berger

Dir, Professional Services @ Pelorus Technology

Jill Button

Consulting Founder & CEO @ ProcurePro

Cyndi Carrillo

Business Analyst @ Godlan, Inc.

Anya Ciecierski

Co-Founder @ ERP Software Blog

Peyton Cork

SAP Master Data Analyst @ Bolta USA

Azalia Cummings

Supply Chain Specialist @ Chatsworth Products

Danica Donaldson

Senior Analyst, Materials Management @ ProMach

Allison Ellis

EVP of Sales @ Godlan, Inc.

Katie Farrand

Manager of Operational Excellence @ Synergy Resources

Dawn Fludder

Business Solutions Account Manager @ Synergy Resources

Anna Frymire

Senior Corporate Account Executive @ NetSuite

Jessica Gadbois

Acumatica Practice Director @ Synergy Resources

Kay Gordon

Senior Consultant @ Godlan Inc.

Elizabeth Grask

Sourcing Manager @ Curology

Kelly Grato

Senior Manager of Procurement & Estimating @ Resco Electronics

Bonnie Han

Senior Advisor, Project/Program Management @ Dell

Jennifer Harris

President @ Technology Management Concepts

Sonia Haslam

Managing Partner @ Encompass

Rachel Hoffman

Finance Supervisor @ Barkman Concrete Ltd.

Mandy Huff

Principal @ Nitor Partners

Kendra Kalimanis

President @ MIS Consulting & Sales

Mary King

Strategic Account Manager @ Epicor

Sneha Kumari

Sr Supply Chain Manager @ Amazon

Lynn Kuntz

Purchasing Team Lead @ JBT AeroTech

Wendy Langan

Director of Strategic Sourcing @ Mott Corporation

Katie Lanigan

Global Logistics Manager @ Accord Healthcare

Megan Laurion

Controller @ Cadwell Industries

Stephanne Marsh

Marketing Support Specialist @ Godlan, Inc.

Tracy Martin

Senior Enterprise Resource Planning Manager @ Alphapointe

Elaine Mazzaro

Technical Project Lead @ Godlan Inc.

Anna McGovern

Founder & Managing Director @ Pondview Consulting, LLC

Susan Mercer

Director of Operations & Consulting @ ThryvX

Jennifer Mesiano

CEO @ Singular Consulting

Maryben Omollo

Director @ Greeneseal Limited

Katie Parris

President & Owner @ The Part Works, Inc.

Greta Petrich

Buyer @ Brenton Engineering

Lisa Pope

President @ Epicor

Canda Rozier

President @ Collabra Consulting

Iris Schimke

CEO / President @ Express Information Systems

Stephanie Shrader

Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing @ Light & Wonder

Tania St. George

Financial Application Specialist @ Synergy Resources

Susie St. Germaine

Material Planning Supervisor @ Napoleon Group of Companies

Tammy Stocker

IT Business System Analyst @ Dakota Supply Group

Leslie Taito

EVP Business Operations @ Taco Comfort Solutions

Jennifer Triftshauser

IT Business Operations Manager @ Gorbel Inc.

Marlene White

Client Solution Specialist @ Godlan, Inc.

Allyson Williamson

Senior Buyer @ Chatsworth Products