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The Copley Consulting Group and SourceDay Partner to Support Mid-Market Manufacturers

A manufacturer’s ERP investment is critical to ensuring operational efficiency and building competitive advantage. For capital intensive-manufacturing companies like Viking Yachts, realizing the full ROI of an ERP can be the difference between accelerated growth and eroded margins.

Viking Yachts has grown significantly since the 1960’s, becoming a world leader in semi-custom fiberglass yacht production. They have achieved this milestone by dedicating themselves to ensuring the quality of their manufacturing operation. Viking commits to producing 90 percent of each boat in house. The remaining 10 percent of products and materials are sourced from suppliers that need to have access to accurate order data if they’re going to help keep Viking’s customer base happy. 

While Viking’s top line was headed in the right direction, their systems, teams, and processes were struggling to keep up with demand – especially where the company had to interface with their suppliers. Although they had already invested in a Syteline ERP, the Viking Yachts leadership team recognized the importance of keeping their data up to date and making it accessible to suppliers.

Our company has grown over the last 12 months. Adding SourceDay to our business will protect our investment in Syteline by ensuring supplier data is always up to date so that our production and planning teams have all the parts they need to ship on-time to our growing list of happy customers.

Bob Pharo
Viking Yachts

Viking turned to SourceDay and The Copley Consulting Group for assistance, taking advantage of their newly formed partnership to complete the integration between their Syteline ERP and SourceDay. Through a fully managed implementation, Viking Yacht’s suppliers will be onboarded to SourceDay to digitize supplier collaboration for the entire PO lifecycle, from acknowledgement to receipt. This will eliminate the need to negotiate PO changes over email, and buyers won’t have to make manual updates because SourceDay will keep Syteline up to date automatically.

Copley guided Viking Yacht’s digital transformation, and will help implement SourceDay. The project is expected to improve visibility to supplier POs, ensuring Viking has all the parts they need to ship to customers on time, while eliminating waste and excess costs. 

Robert Lane, CEO at The Copley Consulting Group stated, “With SourceDay, we see our existing and future customers deriving significant operational improvements while yielding tangible financial gains in deploying this proven platform.”

There are many companies that need help managing their direct spend and improving the performance of their supply chains. By modernizing how their shared customers collaborate with suppliers, SourceDay and The Copley Consulting Group can maximize the value of each manufacturer’s ERP investment. 

To learn more about the benefits of the partnership between The Copley Consulting Group and SourceDay, you can read this press release or join their live webinar on September 9th at 2pm ET, 11am PT. 

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