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Embracing Modern Solutions in Manufacturing: SourceDay – The Non-portal Supplier Portal

Manufacturing operations have long relied on vendor portals for supplier relationship management, serving as the interfaces that connect manufacturers with their suppliers to manage orders, inventory, and communication. However, traditional portals often fail to meet the needs, pace, and complexity of modern manufacturing environments. Enter SourceDay, a cutting-edge PO Lifecycle Management solution designed to streamline and increase buyer/supplier collaboration through communication channels that fit how they work best (email, EDI/system integration, or a ‘no-login’ platform).

Limitations of Traditional Manufacturing Vendor Portals

Traditional vendor portals are plagued with several limitations that hinder operational efficiency and collaboration. These challenges lead to data and communication errors, additional costs, and can also impact productivity and morale when buyers are required to use a technology that is not effective. 

Limitations manufacturers typically experience in vendor portals include:

  • Lack of Real-Time Communication: Delays in updates can lead to miscommunications and operational inefficiencies.
  • Manual Data Entry and PO Processing: Time-consuming manual entries increase the risk of errors and reduce productivity.
  • Limited Collaboration and Transparency: Insufficient tools for collaboration can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • Low Adoption Rates: If the portal is not easy to use, both buyers and suppliers may avoid it.
  • Lack of ERP Integration: The inability or high cost of integration with an ERP creates additional issues with data accuracy, leading to delays in reporting and decision-making. 

SourceDay Helps Buyers Get More Done

SourceDay’s PO Lifecycle Management solution works differently than traditional manufacturing vendor portals. It makes the PO acknowledgement and change process happen more smoothly and accurately by removing the manual and error-ridden steps related to updating and approving order information. SourceDay automatically captures all digital interactions between buyers and suppliers and updates the information in the ERP. 

A key advantage of SourceDay is that it automatically captures data and communications between buyers and suppliers in real time, reducing both manual data entry and delays for PO changes. This increases accuracy and allows more time for analysis and decision-making when customer orders or schedules change.

Because communications are automatically captured via email, EDI, or through the SourceDay platform itself, your buyers and suppliers don’t have to change their work style to use SourceDay – it adapts to their needs. And as a result, they don’t have to log into a “portal” for changes to be accurately reflected in your ERP.

Clint McRee, SourceDay’s Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder explains: “Buyer/Supplier collaboration on the SourceDay platform is a lot like DocuSignⓇ1 for the supply chain. A buyer gets an email asking for a signature, or in this case, an approval on PO changes from a supplier, they sign, or approve changes, and then the data gets uploaded to the ERP automatically. It’s that simple and quick.”  

Addressing Pain Points in Supplier Relationships

SourceDay supports suppliers as well, directly addressing the obstacles that have historically kept them from greater collaboration with buyers. SourceDay recently released a new feature that enables suppliers to communicate via the same channel options as buyers (email, a no-login portal, EDI), ensuring they do not have to change their existing workflows or invest additional time ensuring buyers have been notified.  

In order for suppliers to deliver on time, they also need efficient communication that they don’t always get because vendor portals can be difficult to use and are light on functionality. SourceDay has focused on ease of use and real-time communication to deliver enhanced transparency and visibility, which reduces misunderstandings to foster trust between buyers and suppliers.  

Inefficiencies in buyer-supplier collaboration can also cause delays that impact when suppliers get paid. Manufacturers using SourceDay have shown that with improved operational efficiencies, suppliers get paid faster. What better way to strengthen your supplier relationships than by improving their cash flow as a byproduct of improved performance.  

Future Trends and Innovations in Supplier Relationship Management

Looking ahead, supplier relationship management will continue to evolve as a result of technology advancements. SourceDay is on the front edge of this evolution with additional features such as Success Reports, Supplier Insights, AI-driven tools, analytics, and recommendations that help business decision makers measure the performance, and success. In addition, because of the vast amount of PO Lifecycle data SourceDay collects and analyzes, they are able to continually provide benchmarks on critical supply chain KPIs, helping manufacturers to further reduce supply chain risk. 

A Better Solution

The limitations of traditional manufacturing vendor portals highlight the need for forward thinking solutions like SourceDay. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, SourceDay stands out as the superior alternative for modern manufacturing supply chain operations. The future of supplier relationship management is bright, with innovative technologies poised to drive further enhancements and efficiencies. Embracing these modern solutions not only addresses current limitations but also positions businesses for success in a competitive marketplace.  

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