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Empowering the Future: SourceDay and Infor Partner for Best-in-Class PO Lifecycle Management

Staying ahead means leveraging cutting-edge technology and forming strategic partnerships in the rapidly evolving supply chain management landscape. That’s why our SourceDay team is excited to announce our latest partnership with Infor, the global leader in industry cloud cloud software. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in transforming how manufacturers and distributors manage the lifecycle of direct spend purchase orders.

Bridging the Gap with Infor

We unveiled our Infor Certified Solution Partner role at the Syteline User Network (SUN) conference on April 14th. This partnership solidifies that SourceDay is the best solution to bridge the gap between Infor’s ERP systems and supplier networks. By linking Infor’s Manufacturing and Distribution ERPs—such as Infor SyteLine/CloudSuite Industrial, LN, VISUAL, XA, M3, and SX.e—with our platform, we offer unparalleled control and visibility of direct spend  POs from creation to receipt.

Enhancing Efficiency Through Collaborative Technology

Our partnership with Infor isn’t only about technology integration; it creates an ecosystem where data flows seamlessly, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of every PO line. As Infor becomes an official reseller of the SourceDay platform, we are poised to expand our reach and impact, delivering the proactive supplier engagement and PO lifecycle management solutions necessitated in the modern supply chain.

What This Means for Mutual Customers

With this partnership, Infor users have direct access to SourceDay’s streamlined, robust platform that proactively handles the complexities of direct material POs and effectively bridges the gap between their Infor ERP and suppliers. They will be able to transform their supply chain into a strategic asset that drives business growth through improved on-time delivery (OTD) rates as a result of strengthening supplier relationships, and reduced operational risks. SourceDay’s mutual commitment with Infor ensures that our customers receive a solution that is powerful and tailored to their specific industry needs.

Looking Forward

The journey of transforming supply chain processes is ongoing, and our partnership with Infor is a pivotal advancement. We are thrilled to move forward with a partner that shares our vision of innovation and excellence. Together, we are setting new standards for engaging with suppliers in the discrete manufacturing and distribution spaces.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this partnership develops and continues to improve PO lifecycle management.

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