Purchase Order Automation

Federal Manufacturing Finds its Flow

Bottling plant - Federal Manufacturing

Since 1946, Federal Manufacturing has been a leader in liquid filling and capping systems. Now, using SourceDay’s supplier collaboration engine, Federal’s business is running like never before.

Using SourceDay’s PO Collaboration product, Federal buyers have been able to increase on-time delivery, improve their relationships with suppliers, and save 10 hours per week.

When I saw SourceDay in action, I realized it could solve a lot of problems for both Federal and our suppliers.

Mary Buhr
Buyer at Federal

Before using SourceDay, Federal buyers would receive incorrect PO data from suppliers. This would lead to incorrect invoices, and ultimately, missed delivery deadlines. Federal knew that the solution was to modernize their processes. They had to move away from managing their suppliers and POs manually through emails, spreadsheets, and sticky notes.

Visibility Inspires Change

For the first time, Federal Manufacturing’s suppliers are using Sourceday’s vendor scorecards. They have constant access to their performance grading and can self-assess. As a result, they can be more proactive in meeting Federal’s needs and meeting their commitments.

I like that the vendors can see what we think about their on-time delivery and other factors. When you’re being graded, you try harder to get that grade up.”

Mary Buhr, Buyer at Federal

With improved vendor performance, Federal is seeing less late acknowledgments. So, their procurement team has been able to meet more commitments to customers and trust that their vendors will be able to deliver.

Read the full case study to learn how Federal Manufacturing is using SourceDay as a PO and supplier management solution.

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