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How DuraMark Transformed Supplier Communication & Extended the Value of NetSuite ERP

DuraMark Technologies is an innovator and leading provider of safety labels and durable decals. Their mission is to serve as a one-stop-shop for all their customers’ labeling needs. DuraMark’s success is dependent on the speed and agility of their supply chain. In order to grow their business, DuraMark’s operations team needed to modernize how they collaborated with its complex network of materials suppliers. Using SourceDay’s Built-for-Netsuite certified solution, they replaced primitive, manual processes with a fully-integrated cloud solution. SourceDay ensures clear supplier communication and that they meet customer commitments on-time, every time.

Pairing Netsuite ERP and SourceDay gives DuraMark a faster way to meet demand and maintain their competitive advantage. SourceDay helps catch unseen risks from demand and supply chain disruptions. In our recent webinar, Director of Operations at DuraMark, Chris Beaschler, and Business Systems Analyst at DuraMark Eric Douglass, joined SourceDay CMO Sarah Moore, for a roundtable discussion on supplier communication during COVID-19. 

Prior to COVID-19, DuraMark adopted SourceDay’s modern supplier collaboration platform to stop managing supplier POs through emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls. By using SourceDay’s the Built-for-NetSuite (BFN) integrated solution the team was able to go live in only 6 days. In addition, SourceDay’s managed services team took responsibility for enabling and training suppliers. DuraMark’s suppliers were all using our solution just one week after go-live. 

Operating Through the Pandemic

It was a huge benefit to have SourceDay implemented before COVID-19 hit. Without it, communication would’ve been horrible. SourceDay really allowed us to manage through it.”   

Eric Douglass
Business System Analyst, DuraMark

SourceDay makes it easier to track what is happening between DuraMark’s customers, their procurement team, and their suppliers. DuraMark and its suppliers are able to communicate faster and more efficiently. All parties operate from a single source of truth. This gives their executives and operations team the visibility they need to run an agile, fast, and resilient business.

Adopting SourceDay allows DuraMark’s finance, IT, and operations teams to proactively manage supply chain disruptions from COVID-19. This means that order exceptions are resolved quickly, and everyone is held accountable. From executives to buyers and suppliers, DuraMark loves having an easy to use, automated way to close the loop on change requests, move-ins, move-outs, and cancellations. 

When I think about SourceDay, I think about communication and accountability.

Chris Beaschler
Operations Director, DuraMark

Improved Communication, Happier Customers

In the webinar, available to watch on-demand now, Chris explains how SourceDay has improved DuraMark’s communication with suppliers. Through SourceDay’s platform, DuraMark can clearly communicate with their suppliers and set precise priorities. DuraMark is also able to see what needs to be expedited. Prescriptive workflows and notifications help their team resolve the most important exceptions first. SourceDay’s single source of truth also prevents them from purchasing unnecessary inventory during the pandemic. The earlier their team receives updates, the better. With improved communication, their team has more time to adjust planning when disruptions occur. 

We have to be able to adapt with our suppliers and make sure they’re able to change as quickly as we can. 

Chris Beaschler
Operations Director, DuraMark

Hear from Chris and Eric in the full webinar and learn how their team has improved communication with their suppliers using SourceDay’s “Built for NetSuite” supplier collaboration portal.

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