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How JR Automation Drives Innovation Through RFQ Collaboration

In our recent webinar, Josh Owings ERP Applications Manager at JR Automation shares how SourceDay’s RFQ Product has helped their buyers and suppliers collaborate more efficiently.

With 23 sites worldwide and operations in 5 countries, JR Automation needed a way to compare RFQs faster and help their buyers manage RFQs through a centralized location rather than disparate emails.

“We were looking for a solution that would give our buyers the ability to move their needs from our systems into an RFQ basis with the suppliers on a centralized platform.”

Josh Owings
ERP Applications Manager

SourceDay feeds data directly from the ERP so when an RFQ is created, it gets pushed out to suppliers immediately. You can easily see the number of supplier submissions for each RFQ and compare line items, quantities, dates, total cost, discount, sales tax and any notes. 

Our biggest goal is to give our buyers the ability to send RFQs to multiple suppliers, use a central location to provide that information, and then give our suppliers a single location where they can receive that information and ask questions.”

Josh Owings

Following Owings’ story, Phillip Pavelka, Solutions Engineer at SourceDay, dives into the RFQ product demo and Q&A. Pavelka shows the audience how to navigate the RFQ main dashboard, compare bids, and manage notifications. McRee, Pavelka, and Owings then field many questions from the audience. Some of the best questions included:

  • How long does SourceDay keep past quotes for reference?
  • What kind of resources are available for training?
  • How much does it cost for a supplier to use SourceDay?
  • Do you need to have all of the SourceDay modules to use RFQ or can it be used independently?
  • Can the RFQ Product capture price breaks for quantity?

Learn the answers to these questions, hear the full JR Automation story, see a demo of SourceDay’s RFQ Product, and more in the full-length webinar.

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