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How Napoleon Saves Millions While Protecting Cash and Revenue with SourceDay [Webinar]

Having to rely on manual communication while restarting our supply chain would have slowed things way down…it would have been a nightmare.” – ERP Implementation Manager at Napoleon Products

Like many other manufacturing companies, Napoleon Products needed to reduce their dependence on spreadsheets and emails if they wanted to ensure they had the parts required to fulfill customer orders on time. With 9 buyers and over 300 suppliers, Napoleon wanted to move away from their risky and expensive manual processes. SourceDay’s fully-integrated cloud solution was key in solving their manual headaches. Today, not only do they protect their revenue, their supply chain is leaner and far more resilient to change. SourceDay’s automated solution enables both buyers and suppliers to be more efficient and effective.

Family owned and operated since 1976, Napoleon Products is the leading manufacturer of quality home comfort products ranging from grills to heating and cooling solutions. Although they rely on a multi-entity, multi-site ERP installation, they are now able to save millions of dollars while navigating through the unforeseen challenges inherent in a supply chain, as well as those introduced by COVID-19. Like countless other businesses, Napoleon had to pause a number of operations because of COVID-19.

Napoleon Saved Millions Using SourceDay

Thriving Through Disruption

Napoleon’s ERP Implementation Manager Louise Mayer recently joined a SourceDay webinar to share how her team has been able to work through unprecedented disruptions. Napoleon eliminated their manual processes with SourceDay, allowing them to quickly get their supply chain back up to speed. When they did get the green light to reopen, they benefited from the work already done to streamline processes and improve access to information.

Transparency and a single source of truth have made it possible for Napoleon’s buyers and suppliers to communicate more efficiently. Therefore, they are able to avoid the expense and risk from missed order acknowledgements or updates. Even with the effects of COVID-19, Napoleon has been able to cut costs, protect revenue, and maintain customer satisfaction. 

The results of Napoleon’s transformation are both tangible and lasting:

  • 15% improvement to on-time delivery: Production plans are transparent with greater accuracy. This allows Napoleon to ship to customers on-time. Napoleon has seen a 5% improvement in on-end customer delivery with SourceDay.
  • 75% POs auto-acknowledgment: With SourceDay, buyers only have to review 25% of POs, not 100% 
  • 95% reduction in supplier invoice discrepancies: Suppliers are paid faster, helping Napoleon protect against risk and save money overall.  
  • Move-ins, move-outs, cancellations managed proactively: Napoleon has full visibility of their supply chain, evaluating and neutralizing risk before it affects their bottom line.

Read the full Napoleon Case Study here.

Louise maintains that the biggest hurdle Napoleon’s back-office IT team had to overcome was the sudden work-from-home order. While Louise had to rush to get separate licenses for other software, she didn’t have to worry about her team accessing SourceDay remotely. Since SourceDay is SaaS, Napoleon’s buyers had no trouble accessing it from home. Her team was able to keep Napoleon’s spend on track as easily as if they were in the office.

Protecting Revenue through Visibility

With SourceDay, onboarding of your most important suppliers isn’t only easy, we guarantee it! In fact, 90% of Napoleon’s suppliers now use SourceDay.

While Napoleon adopted SourceDay’s solution before the onset of COVID-19, SourceDay has allowed Napoleon to be able to work through the unprecedented disruptions. SourceDay eliminated Napoleon’s manual processes. Napoleon was able to quickly recover from production being put on hold. Their supply chain was promptly back up to speed.

Business is Growing

Napoleon has doubled in size over the last 5 years, and they have no intention of slowing down. “We have the same goal for the next 5 years,” Louise asserted. She also recounted the manual processes that had to be solved, remembering the endless stream of spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, and faxes. Louise now proactively manages POs while SourceDay automatically updates Napoleon’s ERP.

During the webinar, attendees were asked several questions about the manageability of their supply chains in general, and as a result of the pandemic. Their responses demonstrate just how widespread the reliance upon manual processes like email and phone calls still is.

Learn more about how SourceDay can help protect revenue and keep your supply chain on track.

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