How to Transform Your Accounts Payable Process

“Suppliers always want to know when they’re going to get paid. Giving them the visibility into where their invoices are in the lifecycle process of AP is hugely powerful for them; it makes them happy and eliminates the distraction cost for you of answering their calls and emails asking where their payment is in that process.” – Colby Young, SourceDay

It’s time to automate all that administrative AP work. No more manually matching invoices to POs and receipts. No more manually finding discrepancies. And absolutely no more chasing correspondence with suppliers.

In this webinar, a pair of SourceDay’s top experts are joined by Paul Tedford and Dawn Fludder from Synergy Resources. Paul is now CEO, and Dawn is the Business Solutions Account Manager. 

The topic is automated three-way matching in Infor VISUAL ERP—how can transform your AP processes through receipt notifications, PO/invoice matching, and automatic vouchering. 

Here are your webinar panelists.

Colby Young, VP of Netsuite Business Unit at SourceDay

Phillip Pavelka, Director of Syteline/CSI Practice at SourceDay

Paul Tedford, CEO of Synergy Resources

Dawn Fludder, Business Solutions Account Manager at Synergy Resources

Check out the full video above. 

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