Supplier Collaboration

Inefficient Supplier Collaboration is Costing your Business More than You Realize

You’re a manufacturing business that recognizes the necessity of a rock-solid Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, and you’ve wisely chosen Epicor, an acknowledged leader in this field. Congratulations on your decision, and the possibilities that you have unlocked with this initiative. Epicor brings tremendous power to your business, and its industry-specific solutions provide truly customized capabilities to the segments they serve.

But the challenge is that, as powerful as Epicor is, it still leaves gaps when it comes to a truly collaborative relationship between you and your suppliers. Now, what if I told you there’s a complementary solution that readily integrates with your Epicor software to maximize the gains realized through increased communication and automated purchase order (PO) changes, so you’re never caught off guard? Here at SourceDay, we bridge the gap between your ERP and your supplier network, ensuring that there are no surprises that invariably lead to missed ship dates, the slowing or shutdown of active production lines, and financial chaos. Especially as our world is both individually and collectively challenged by a global pandemic which casts as long shadow on “just-in-time” inventory management and fragile and extended supply chains, our customized solutions better position you and your company for success, mitigating risk in underperforming and vulnerable supply chains by boosting efficiencies and the velocity of communications, while reducing friction points with suppliers. With over half of all purchase orders undergoing line-item changes prior to delivery of product, you simply cannot afford for inaccurate or delayed adjustments to be made, costing your business time and money. 

The traditional supply chain is antiquated, and it is increasingly apparent that the innovative integration and application of technology, along with smart business practices, can help alleviate inefficiencies. What you may not realize is that even small inefficiencies that often “fly beneath the radar,” when replicated on an enterprise scale, can add up to significant additional hard and soft costs on your business. In an increasingly competitive world, every advantage counts, so why not give your business the proactive tools to stand out from your competition? 

How many hours per day are wasted by buyers combing through purchase orders, or trying to manage their supplier portfolios manually? Multiply that into weeks and months, per buyer, and it becomes glaringly obvious that no matter how diligent your procurement organization is, the old way of doing things simply isn’t cutting it anymore. We offer your team a new and better way of doing things, all by seamlessly and painlessly integrating with your Epicor ERP, automating aspects of supply chain management to ensure higher accuracy and to free up additional time that can be spent growing your business, rather than managing what is already captured.

Those additional capabilities bring hard-dollar savings:

Increased On Time Delivery

  • Cost associated with late P.O. issuance can be mitigated

Customer Order Protection

  • Late production orders are often driven by not getting raw materials on time, or downstream suppliers informed, and invariably result in delays in hitting revenue targets

Faster Inventory

  • Inventory turn ratio improves on average by a “half-turn”
  • Reduction of carrying costs and need to maintain less work-in-progress (WIP) inventory on hand

Personnel Productivity Gains

  • Automation allows soft cost savings
  • Save 8-10 hours per week/per buyer by reducing manual inputs
  • Frees up time for more strategic initiatives from your procurement organization
  • $55k average annual burdened buyer cost in the U.S.

No matter what sector of manufacturing your business is in: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Construction & Engineering, Discrete Manufacturing, Electronics & High Tech, Fabricated Metals, Furniture & Fixtures, Industrial Machinery, Make-to-Order Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Metal Service Centers, Process Manufacturing, or Rubber & Plastics, SourceDay, in conjunction with Epicor, will boost your profitability, help streamline operations, and lead to higher employee engagement and collaboration within your organization and supply chain. 


Epicor has brought tremendous new capabilities to your business, and has eliminated tremendous amounts of work that used to be either manual or performed in siloed programs and applications. It has saved you a lot of labor dollars, while freeing your team up to work at a higher level. Its common platform has taken you a long way toward the collaborative relationship you want with your suppliers.

But it hasn’t quite gotten you all the way to where you want to be with your business processes. With the addition of our custom solutions, you can fill in those last few gaps, and fully realize the power of your ERP to achieve true collaboration with your business partners.

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