Purchase Order Automation

SourceDay PO Exceptions: Protect Revenue & Improve Cash Flow

SourceDay’s PO Exceptions module exposes how changes to your supplier POs put revenue at risk and impact cash flow. This visibility is important, especially when most companies are having to manage lots of supply chain disruption.

SourceDay gives you a clear view of all your move outs, move ins and cancellations in a single place and makes it easy to accept or reject them. The platform then automatically notifies suppliers and creates a single source of truth that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

61% of PO lines require changes as buyers respond to COVID-19 disruptions

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, juggling purchase order change requests with multiple suppliers at the same time was challenging. On average, 36% of PO lines change during a PO’s lifecycle. But supply chain disruptions from COVID-19 has nearly doubled that average–now, where 61% of purchase order lines are requiring a change.

These changes aren’t just hard to manage: they impact your bottom line. Because it only takes one missed PO update to a delivery date, lead time, or quantity to put your revenue at risk or cause your company to tie up cash in inventory it can’t use.

See SourceDay PO Exceptions in Action

SourceDay’s PO Exceptions dashboard helps procurement teams gauge how PO exceptions impact revenue, cashflow, and working capital. The dashboard makes it easy to view the total value of move-ins, move-outs, and cancellations in one place. 

By exposing exceptions from your MRP data in an easy to use digital application, your procurement team can quickly disposition exceptions, and immediately notify suppliers of any requested changes or cancellations. This ensures you’re resolving the most important exceptions first, while limiting the buildup of unnecessary inventory. All of these play a part in improving cash flow. And SourceDay will automatically update your ERP, so planning and production teams can run on accurate supplier order data.

Use SourceDay’s notifications to stay on top of pending change requests and exception messages. Empower your team to make critical changes faster instead of being bogged down in spreadsheets and emails. And, because SourceDay is a web-based application, your team can handle PO changes from anywhere, even while working from home.