Supply Chain Performance

Thriving Through Disruption

Developing an agile supply chain is well regarded as the key to fighting supply chain disruption.  And now, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc, manufacturers are left wondering, how can they adapt their supply chains to thrive through the disruption? 

In our recent webinar, Spend Matters’ analyst Nick Heinzmann, CEO of industrial manufacturer Virtex Enterprises Brad Heath, and SourceDay CMO Sarah Moore, sat down for a roundtable discussion on how the pandemic has impacted global supply chains and steps businesses can take to become more agile. 

A supply chain that can pivot, a supply chain that’s ‘agile’, that’s digital, is one that is correlated with not only better procurement performance but better overall business performance. 

Nick Heinzmann
Spend Matters Analyst

In the webinar, available to watch on-demand now, Heinzmann discussed the importance of adaptability and digital capability in supply chain operations. Without those two essential components, supply chains aren’t able to pivot.

Amid COVID-19 disruption, Brad Heath’s team at Virtex Enterprises has certainly been able to pivot.

We’ve maintained 96% on-time delivery to our customer base.

Brad Heath
Virtex Enterprises CEO

Thanks to their supply chains’ resiliency, and their ability to collaborate with their customers, Virtex has been able to keep orders on track and thrive through the disruption.

Watch on demand to learn more on how Virtex has been able to develop an agile supply chain and navigate COVID-19 disruption using SourceDay. 

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