Purchase Order Automation

Weathering Purchase Order Changes During Coronavirus Disruption

Manufacturing parts and materials orders constantly change, even under normal conditions.  On average, 36% of PO lines change during a PO’s lifecycle. But with Coronavirus disrupting supply chains, now up to 61% of purchase order lines change within their lifecycle. Below, I highlight how SourceDay’s PO Collaboration and Change Request feature can help you manage this unprecedented volume of PO changes.

As Coronavirus disruption continues, it’s more challenging than ever to change purchase orders. It’s even more difficult to do so while also managing inbound acknowledgments and counter-change requests via email and spreadsheets. In this video, I’ll show you how to quickly collaborate over change requests and keep orders moving using SourceDay.

SourceDay’s vendor notification feature makes quick work of sending change requests and receiving acknowledgements from your vendors.  Plus, you can track acknowledgements and any counter-change requests sent from your vendors. This gives your team the precious (and necessary) time and space to tackle your organization’s most pressing matters each day.

Change Requests

If you select one or more purchase order lines, you can send a message to specific vendors. As a result, you’re able to communicate back and forth over select PO lines and changes. 

SourceDay’s PO Dashboard allows you to easily communicate your needs to your vendors. In addition, you can reconfirm existing orders, confirm change requests, move certain orders in or out, or cancel orders. This all occurs in one place, SourceDay’s PO Dashboard.

Learn more about how to avoid disruptions in your supply chain and keep your purchase orders on track with SourceDay’s PO Solution.